Mastering Gravity (Part 2): How do you improve your balance?


Mastering Gravity: How do you improve your balance? In a previous blog, we discussed how our lack of play and challenge has slowly led to decrements in our balance. Research in the Age and Ageing Journal (2013) has proven that less active lifestyles appear to accelerate loss of proprioceptive acuity and thus would contribute to loss […]

Tasting Australia? Try tasting your lunch first!

tasting aust

I was reading about the upcoming Tasting Australia Festival in the Weekend Australia on Sunday- I must add whilst drinking a 2007 Adelaide Hills Riesling and eating an ashed chevre, also from the Hills. Sundays should be filled with such acts of hedonism. Amidst my indulgence though, I realised that I wasn’t really tasting either […]

Pause….for Parkinson’s


Yesterday marked ‘Pause for Parkinson’s’ day. A day to recognize and show loving kindness and compassion to ones who suffer this debilitating neurodegenerative disease. When we think of Parkinson’s disease (PD) , Michael J Fox who sadly was diagnosed  in 1991 at the tender age of 30 usually comes to mind. To be diagnosed at the […]

Do you master Gravity: Falls prevention through exercise

child playing

I don’t think I have enough fingers and toes to count the times I have heard clients utter the phrases, “now I am getting older, my balance is getting worse” and “I am scared of falling so I can’t do the things I used to” It is true, there are age related changes to our […]

Happiness: What is science telling us?


It’s surely coincidental that I have been given the task to write about the “science” (I’m a nerd) and “happiness” (I like hugging people). For some time scientist were unable to measure happiness. And you can hypothesis all you want, but if you can’t lay down the hard evidence then science or in this case psychology […]

Stressed out? Mindful exercising may be your cure!

hockey 2

I am sure that you will agree that in today’s modern society, we are all constantly physically and mentally stretched to our limits. Stress, anxiety, multi-tasking and non-stop days where we feel like we are on auto-pilot are the norm for most. Take one of my closest friends for example. She is a 29 year […]

Hypermobility: Are you a one trick wonder?

Karla licking elbow

The fringe festival is now in full swing, bringing the weird, wonderful and sometimes unimaginable acts. Perhaps you have seen the ‘Cowboy’ who now holds the world record for sword swallowing after having magnets implanted in his chest, behind the sternum… The human body is sometimes altered according to our desires but sometimes it just […]

Get That Monkey Off Your Back!


It’s 2016, the year of the Fire Monkey in regards to the Chinese Zodiac. People born in the year of the Fire Monkey are characterised as being ambitious and adventurous, but irritable. In Australia, we see the monkey as being cheeky and mischievous. What can we take from this Chinese Zodiak that could help our health […]

Exercise and Pregnancy: Should you train for Labour?


Would you run in a marathon without preparing and training? It’s a question I ask my pregnant clients. A majority of marathoners wouldn’t dream of it. They would focus on their preparation, strengthen their bodies and minds so they can remain injury free in the lead up, perform the race of their life and recover […]

Are you Roger Federer or Bernard Tomic?


There was an interesting contrast in attitudes to the role of coaching in today’s Australian Newspaper. Roger Federer’s perspective: “There’s always a different angle or something else you can work on that maybe you tend to forget. So many things keep changing. The game keeps evolving. So I think it’s important to keep an open […]