Pain, immunity and your well being!


Picture these two scenarios: 1) You have just been rejected for a date with someone you’ve been very fond off….(sad face) Or, 2) Your last rep of your deadlift; has left you with a stabbing sensation in your lumbar spine… Why have I asked you to think about the two contrasting scenarios? Do you think they […]

City to Bay: Preparation is the key to success


How many times have we heard the saying ‘Preparation is the key to success’? Similarly one of my favourites is ‘In failing to prepare we are preparing to fail’. These sayings can be applied leading into any event in our lives from an up and coming job interview, to a 4 year olds birthday party, to painting […]

What does your sleep say about your health?

Woman trying to sleep

Sleep Awareness Week is here and what better time to remind us all the importance of a good night’s sleep. Do you consistently get less than six hours sleep? Or, do you frequently wake during the night? If you do, don’t fear, as we have a few practical tips to improve your sleep patterns.

AM vs. PM: Is it better to exercise in the morning or evening?

am or pm

Most people generally decide whether to exercise in the morning or evening, or possibly a combination of the two simply due to time availablility or individual preference. Some people swear by the 6am workouts that gets them pumped for the rest of the day, others wouldn’t dare break a sweat before lunch, but is there a […]

Increased Retirement age – Do you have enough strength?!

Retiring at 70 angry man

Seeing this image appear on my Facebook feed made me really think about the implications highlighted by the pictured gentleman. There is no question that we need to think about the national (and global!) financial sustainability of an ageing population and associated pension costs. But surely this can’t just be a financial discussion right?! Do […]

Can we really create sustainable change?

There would be very few people in the western world who would not want to change one aspect of their health. From reducing weight to moving well, we want to change and most importantly, make that change “stick”. Take activity as an example. We roughly know the drill; move more, sit less.  However in 2012, […]

People watching: do you have enough strength??

6 Strength level

I love people watching. My ‘creative expression’ is understanding human movement, and helping others move better so that they can get more from life. This is what I do, every day, and I love it. In fact, this is not a job, but somehow, a part of who I am. As such, I would struggle […]

Creating change: Do you need to be unhappy before you can make long lasting behavioral change


There is no doubt, we have all tried to change something in our life. Whether it was losing weight, sleeping better, eating healthier or moving more. Did it work? Has it lasted or have you slipped back into old habits? A well-respected lecturer in the area of behavioural change and well being has explained that […]

Mastering Gravity (Part 2): How do you improve your balance?


Mastering Gravity: How do you improve your balance? In a previous blog, we discussed how our lack of play and challenge has slowly led to decrements in our balance. Research in the Age and Ageing Journal (2013) has proven that less active lifestyles appear to accelerate loss of proprioceptive acuity and thus would contribute to loss […]

Tasting Australia? Try tasting your lunch first!

tasting aust

I was reading about the upcoming Tasting Australia Festival in the Weekend Australia on Sunday- I must add whilst drinking a 2007 Adelaide Hills Riesling and eating an ashed chevre, also from the Hills. Sundays should be filled with such acts of hedonism. Amidst my indulgence though, I realised that I wasn’t really tasting either […]