Has the barefoot wave crested?


The symbol on the tongue of my New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail shoe is this: <=>. Less equals more. This succinct message, I am sure infers that less structure, support and sole means more feel, enjoyment and performance. But for many, it probably lead to more calf soreness, shin pain and bone stress. This may […]

Do you do a pre-season?


This summer, become a better runner! Chances are that if you had a running-goal for this year, you have probably had a crack at it by now. City-to-Bay, Trailblazer, most of the SA Road-Runners club events and the various big-ticket state marathons have now been run and done for 2014. If you did have a […]

A Summer of Beautiful Movement

snow board

It has been an Australian summer of sport characterised by the consistent thread of the value of quality movement. It was great to see the majestic fluidity of Roger Federer back on centre court at the Australian Open. In his post-match interview after defeating Jo-Wilfred Tsonga he highlighted how much better he is feeling moving […]

Injury Free Surfing. The Upper Back and Shoulders Part 1: The Problem


Paddling a surfboard when restricted in thoracic extension is a recipe for injury. There is one thing you will do a lot of in surfing, and that’s paddling. Paddling out to the break, to catch waves, to get back out, to stay in the right spot. The basic paddling posture is on your stomach, with your […]

You’ve made the wrong New Year’s Resolution

Pregnant Woman Eating Box Of Chocolates Sitting On Sofa At Home

Ok, I’m not going to berate you. I think its pretty normal that by now, the end of January, you have probably not continued with your NYRs. After all, we know that 88% of people are in the same boat! But why does this keep happening year after year? There are some common mistakes that […]

Beat the summer heat


It’s 7am and your alarm sounds. A predicted maximum temperature of 37 degrees for the day, a scorcher. Don’t feel like going for a run in that heat? Here’s another option, grab a surfboard, SUP (stand up paddle) board, or kayak and get yourself down to the beach, river or lake.These sports can aid your […]

Is sitting the new smoking?

Unhealthy behavior

We don’t think much about the amount of time we sit on our butts, in fact we’ve geared sitting into pretty much every aspect of our lives. We only need to look at US data to see that TV viewing time and low activity jobs have doubled,  and miles spent in a vehicle has triple […]

To Exercise or not, is it worth the risk?


As an Exercise Physiologist I am thinking about the risk of exercise daily. Particularly with clients that may have pre-existing chronic conditions, and my goal is to make it as safe as possible. However, I have to admit, that when I exercise I put no thought into it’s inherent risk. Many of us hear stories about […]

Which diet is best for your health?: Part 2


In my last blog I outlined the evidence pointing toward a Mediterranean diet for health and longevity. However we are yet to discuss what foods it mainly consists of. Contrary to what many people believe, it is not high in breads and pastas!

Which diet is best for your health and longevity? Part 1

diet cloud

When it comes to diets there are literally hundreds of types to choose from, mostly built around the billion dollar weight loss industry. But what about those of us who just want to eat healthy? What are the key components of a healthy diet that will ensure us a long and disease free life?