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Our Blogs

Paleo Diet vs Dietary Guidelines: What are we missing out on?

In our previous blog we looked at the evidence supporting the Paleo diet. While promising, these few studies were very short in duration, had relatively small numbers, and were targeted mainly at people with metabolic conditions. What is still unknown though is the...

Cancer related fatigue: Does exercise help or hinder?

Have you ever been too tired to walk up your stairs, eat, or even go to the toilet? Welcome to the life of individuals with cancer related fatigue. Fatigue is one of the most common and debilitating side effects of cancer treatments that presents itself before,...

Exercises to burn more calories over christmas – resist the momentum against you!!

Are you enjoying the warmer weather we are having in Adelaide? Have you started to attend a few extra barbeques and 'Christmas' parties already?! I certainly feel like the social calendar is getting busier, and so the demand for time is increasing. So I'd like to...

Which diet is best for your health and longevity? Part 1

When it comes to diets there are literally hundreds of types to choose from, mostly built around the billion dollar weight loss industry. But what about those of us who just want to eat healthy? What are the key components of a healthy diet that will ensure us a long...

Movement Revolution: Exercise effect on knee pain

Now as a disclaimer of sorts, I am going to straight out say that the following is purely qualitative & subjective. One is sure The New England Journal of Medicine won't be calling to publish the following... We are born to move! Lets begin, Neuroscientists have...

Hide & seek. Pain may not be hiding where you think it is…

Following on from the great work from my colleague Dr. Nathan Harten's last blog; I will continue educating you on the latest neuroscience on persistent pain. You may have been allluded to our brains wonderful capacity to protect to a ‘perceived’ threat. Perceived you...

Neurotrophins: Fertilisers for your brain!

With Christmas come and gone for another year and along with it, the usual side effects of over eating and minimal exercise ie: blunted Leptin (hormones that inhibit hunger) and decreased nerve cell generation. It is time to throw some coal into your brain and plant...

Three Reasons Why You Should Exercise With An Expert.

It would be rhetorical to say: that your body is special. And you would only want the best to be guiding you through your health and well-being safely. And yet, one can still be suggestible- picking up dodgy anecdotal tips from ‘that guy’ on the lat-pull-down machine....

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Max Martin iNform Health and Fitness Solutions

Max Martin

Director/Principal Exercise Physiologist

Nathan Harten iNform Health and Fitness Solutions

Nathan Harten

Director/Principal Exercise Physiologist

Karla Newman iNform Health and Fitness Solutions

Karla Newman

Exercise Physiologist

Hunter Bennett iNform Health and Fitness Solutions

Hunter Bennett

Strength & Conditioning Coach