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Our Blogs

Relieving the pressure: How does exercise affect your blood pressure

Before we begin, I just wanted to pop these stats in front of you…. ·         34% of Australians (over 18) are have high blood pressure (BP) – that’s about 6 million people ·         4.1 million Australians have uncontrolled or untreated hypertension So, let’s answer...

Exercise and Pregnancy: Should you train for Labour?

Would you run in a marathon without preparing and training? It’s a question I ask my pregnant clients. A majority of marathoners wouldn’t dream of it. They would focus on their preparation, strengthen their bodies and minds so they can remain injury free in the lead...

Cancer related fatigue: Does exercise help or hinder?

Have you ever been too tired to walk up your stairs, eat, or even go to the toilet? Welcome to the life of individuals with cancer related fatigue. Fatigue is one of the most common and debilitating side effects of cancer treatments that presents itself before,...

Why strength training is the key to looking and feeling better

With summer just around the corner many of us are starting to think about easing ourselves back into our old exercise routines. Whether it be to lose a couple of kilos, or to ensure we feel just  more comfortable spending time at the beach, most are slowly starting to...

Running and Ultra-Marathon: Is your brain up to the challenge?

Are you mentally tough enough to complete an ultra-marathon? It probably comes as no surprise that evidence is mounting that your mental capacity has a say in your success or failure at such a goal. But the specific cognitive abilities that determine your outcome may...

Strength Train Your Blues Away

Can we use Strength Training for depression? Any keen gym goer would have heard of the film "Pumping Iron" - and the subsequent revolution of Bodybuilding. Besides from being built like Hercules and having a positive-B sample, Strength Training has a lot of wonderful...

Learn to Run Part 13: Forefoot running and the knee

As a runner, when this pursuit comes up in converstaion with non-runners (or jaded runners for that matter) the question that is usually asked (with just a sprinkling of smugness) is, 'so how are your knees?' My response is along the lines of 'fine thanks, how are...

Neurotrophins: Fertilisers for your brain!

With Christmas come and gone for another year and along with it, the usual side effects of over eating and minimal exercise ie: blunted Leptin (hormones that inhibit hunger) and decreased nerve cell generation. It is time to throw some coal into your brain and plant...

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Nathan Harten

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Karla Newman

Exercise Physiologist

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Hunter Bennett

Strength & Conditioning Coach