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5 Simple Tips to Help With Sustained Weight Loss

The weather starts to improve, the days start to get longer, the shorts start to come out, and the knowledge that summer is just around the corner starts to hit. Happy days. Until you realize that you planned on doing a little more work in the gym before beach season…...

So which diet works best? – Part 1

I googled "diets" the other day and the first page I came across was a list of diets from Wikipedia. There in front of me was over 100 diets each name more obscure than the next! It's not a wonder that the consumer gets awfully confused about the best way to eat,...

Exercise and chemotherapy: 7 key reasons why they should go hand in hand!

Chemotherapy is prescribed to do a great number of things: to cure, aid other treatments, control the cancer, and help with symptom relief. It is a powerful tool, but as everyone knows, it brings with it a vast array of challenges, both during your cycles and after....

Good luck with your run- don’t forget the fun!

This time of year many Adelaideans are in the final stages of their preparations for their big running goal for the year. The City to Bay is only two and a half weeks away- and The Yurrebilla and Operation Flinders Ultra-Marathons will be following shortly after. If...

So which diet works best? – Part 2

In my last blog post I outlined the importance of treating our dietary changes as only ONE aspect of the four pillars to our health. These changes should be lifelong behaviours rather than searching for a quick fix. However the scientific evidence of the most...

Exercise and Pregnancy: of CORE-se you should!

I'm writing this blog in light of an article I read recently on Daily Mail.com about exercise and pregnancy. It caught my attention because it was headlining that mothers should wait SIX MONTHS before running or doing strenuous exercise after child birth! Now, that is...

A Summer of Beautiful Movement

It has been an Australian summer of sport characterised by the consistent thread of the value of quality movement. It was great to see the majestic fluidity of Roger Federer back on centre court at the Australian Open. In his post-match interview after defeating...

Learn to Run Part 13: Forefoot running and the knee

As a runner, when this pursuit comes up in converstaion with non-runners (or jaded runners for that matter) the question that is usually asked (with just a sprinkling of smugness) is, 'so how are your knees?' My response is along the lines of 'fine thanks, how are...

High Intensity Interval Training: So why all the hype?

Workout trends come and go, and one of these that is getting a lot of attention is High Intensity Training (HIT). The attention, such as that in television shows like Catalyst and Michael Mosely’s ‘The truth about exercise’ (claiming that 6 minutes of exercise per...

Movement Revolution: Exercise effect on knee pain

Now as a disclaimer of sorts, I am going to straight out say that the following is purely qualitative & subjective. One is sure The New England Journal of Medicine won't be calling to publish the following... We are born to move! Lets begin, Neuroscientists have...

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