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Looking for an exercise environment that is experienced, safe, and professional?

Whether due to injury, or perhaps because you’re getting older, if the typical fitness environments no longer feel right for you, we can help.

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: We’ve all been to gyms with 20-something personal trainers and big group classes that push you hard, but don’t have the experience to take into account your personal situation. And perhaps a few years ago that was enough for you, but now that type of exercising feels unsafe and you need something more.

As we get older, our body starts to show us signs that it needs more personalised attention: things we used to do with ease are now a challenge, we get injured more easily, maybe we have some health issues to take into account.

When you want a Personal Trainer that understands exactly how to get you the results you want and is trained to navigate your specific situation, come and train with us.

When you train with us, you benefit from a wider team of exercise scientists and physiologists: we have decades of experience helping people stay fit and strong regardless of their life situation: injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, osteoporosis and even cancer.
Our personal trainers are exercise scient
ists: university trained in evidence-based training techniques, resulting in strength & fitness with less effort and lower risk of injury.

Imagine being healthy, happy, and functionally fit, knowing you can confidently maintain that well into the future.

When you set out on a health journey with us, you’ll have the professional advice, support, and accountability systems in place to make sure that you’ll achieve your goals.

high quality exercise prescription appropriate to your needs

Start your personal training journey with iNform Health & Fitness Solutions

– Our systems have shown to increase your strength & fitness with less effort and risk of injury.

– Increase your outcomes with regular sessions and our accountability support systems.

– Fast track your goals and reduce injury with our initial assessment focused on your current state of health, injury and/or ability.

– Develop a personal health journey, working one-on-one with your Exercise Scientist.

– Exercise in an uncrowded and comfortable studio with only a handful of other people in the room during your session.

– Train with a team of university qualified exercise scientists or physiologists. One of the most qualified Personal Training teams in the state, with over 20 years experience.

We believe that Humans are “made to move” – everything about our bodies is geared towards, and benefits from movement.
Our mission is to support you throughout your movement journey so that you can always achieve your activity goals.

So forget those images of frenzied personal trainers driving people into the ground. We’ll offer you expert instruction in a small, friendly environment that will empower you to achieve what you want to achieve, at the pace you need.

iNform is welcoming, professional, informative, and the staff are very engaging. The venue and facilities are clean and unintimidating.
Beverley D

I love how friendly everyone there is, people know who I am and say hi. And I feel comfortable training there, as well as have fun with my trainer.
Taylah S

Everything was professional, informative, and educational. I felt at ease and felt that it was targeted at me, not a one size fits all.

Anna Y.

What about pricing?

An initial consult by itself is normally $199.
If you choose to pay as you go our standard 30 minute session is $105, otherwise we offer prepaid 10 session pass at $82.70 per session or a weekly training block of 13 weeks for $75 a week (one session per week).

We also offer discounts on your initial assessment with a purchase of a pack of sessions.

What payment options are there?

As there is no lock-in contract you are free to choose the manner in which you pay. You have the choice to pay session-to-session as you go along or we also have the option of a pack payment, auto renewal, or an external direct debit system that will reduce the cost of sessions.

How much do I need to train?
Typically we recommend you start with at least one weekly, 30-minute, Personal Training session. This will be with one of our qualified Exercise Scientist or Physiologists to work through your program. In this time together, they’ll also give you some guidance and some homework so you can keep working towards your goals in between sessions. Why weekly? Well, our decades of experience, and research from the field of Exercise Physiology, tells us that weekly sessions are the most reliable way to help forge new habits and maintain progress.
How long are the sessions?
Good question. The answer is, it all depends on you, your situation, and your goals. At iNform Health & Fitness Solutions, you have a choice of 30min, 45min and 60min sessions, but the duration and regularity of training will depend on you and your specific needs. This will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. For example, two 30 minute sessions may be more beneficial for you than a single hour session depending on your goals.
How does Personal Training work?
When you decide to use our Personal Training service to work towards your health and fitness goals, you’ll start with an 1 -hour initial consultation to assess your current body conditioning, identify any injuries or weaknesses, as well as set strategies with you to achieve your goals. At this point, we’ll be able to craft a tailored program for you, that will meet you where you are and gradually help you heal or diminish any injuries or pain, build strength and stamina, and work towards a healthier, happier you.
There is no better known way to rehabilitate yourself from an injury than exercise. If you suffer from pain or injury that is either acute (injury caused by a specific event) or chronic/persistent (occurs over a long period of time), then our personal training systems are for you.

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