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Take the first step towards a healthier, fitter you. Join our community of like-minded individuals dedicated to achieving optimal health. With focused Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility sessions, embrace fitness in a supportive and professional environment that understands and values your journey.


Fitness for Every Stage of Life

Our programs cater to the needs of people like you. We understand the unique demands of your lifestyle and prioritize fitness that complements and enhances your daily routine. Having the most qualified Exercise Physiologists working with chronic conditions, and Exercise Scientists working with the more active groups allows us to deliver the most Safest and most effective exercise environment for you, regardless of your health journey.

We understand that aches, pains, and niggles that develop over time and we have all the expertise necessary to navigate your particular health conditions, and assist you in achieveing your goals.

Why Choose Us?

iNform Health & Fitness Solutions has over 20 years experience in exercise delivery, with a reputation of high quality exercise prescription appropriate to your needs.


Expert-Led Classes
Our classes are led by University qualified Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists, ensuring expert guidance in every session.

Safe & Welcoming Environment
We pride ourselves on creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive space. Our team is dedicated to your wellbeing, ensuring every class is comfortable and accommodating for all fitness levels and medical conditions.

Tailored for Everyone
Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast or new to fitness, our classes are designed to accommodate any fitness level or medical condition. We believe in personalized support for all.

A Range of Group Exercise Classes

At iNform, we understand the importance of a well-rounded fitness routine tailored for every individual. From gentle Flexibility sessions to invigorating Cardio workouts and empowering Strength training, there’s a class suited for your preferences and goals.

Take a look at our group class schedule below:

Group Strength Class


As the name implies, they are focused on developing your strength, which we know is a key determinant of quality of life and enhanced healthspan!

Cardiomotiv Group


These small group cardio classes are designed to help you improve your aerobic fitness, which evidence shows us is the best predictor of both lifespan and healthspan!

Release & Reactivate Class


 A great way to end your week of training with some muscle recovery techniques. Using iNform’s Release and Reactivate technique to teach tight muscles to release and function efficiently again.

Exercise Physiology Group


These classes are for those who need the guidance on an Exercise Physiologist and a more tailored exercise program. If you have conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or other health concerns, these group exercise classes are perfect for you!

Our Timetable

I liked the way I was listened to. I was anxious when I walked in but was made to feel comfortable. I felt my questions were answered with care and knowledge.

Josephine B.

Everything has been absolutely wonderful. I have been made to feel special and important and that my recovery and improvement was not only important to me but to my EP as well. What an amazing service! Totally professional and totally brilliant!

Kate B.

Exercise physiology at iNform is welcoming, professional, informative, and the staff are very engaging. The venue and facilities are clean and unintimidating.

Beverley D.

I'm not a gym person, is this suitable?

Absolutely! Whil our studios have full gym equipment, we cater for the “forgotten fitness generation”, those of us who for many reasons do not feel comfortable in a traditional gym setting.

What's the difference between an Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist?

Both Exercise Scientists and Exercise Physiologists are University trained Exercise Professionals. Exercise Scientists are most appropriate if you are in good health and are best equipped to build your strength and fitness. Exercise Physiologists are most suitable in the initial stages of pain or an injury, or if you have a chronic health condition.

What if I am in pain or have an injury?

We assess every individual before they embark on our group programs. This generally means that if you are in pain or return from an injury we like to start with a few one-on-one sessions to ensure that your group program is appropriate for you.

What about pricing?

To get started with our group programs we have an initial consultation for $199 or $149 if you choose to purchase a pass or program.
If you choose to pay as you go our Exercise Physiology Group class is $46 per session while our Exercise Science led classes (Strength Class, Cardiomotiv, and Release & Reactivate) are $35 per session

If you purchase a 10 pass of sessions our Exercise Physiology class is $42 per session while our other classes are $30 per session.

Can I claim your services under my private health?

Most private health covers will rebate for our exercise physiology classes. Generally it is best to check with your provider what your rebates will be. Our exercise science led classes are not private health rebatable.

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