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You can break free from the limitations imposed by pain, reduced mobility, and many chronic health conditions, by following a carefully prescribed and guided exercise physiology program.

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No doubt you still have a clear picture and memory of what you could do before physical or health limitations got in the way. Our exercise physiology services will help you exercise safely so that you can live your fullest life.

When you book in with us, our university-trained exercise physiologists will work with you to help you find ways to increase your physical activity to reach your goals. Regardless of your current health and fitness, levels of pain, or restrictions in mobility, our Exercise Physiologists will put a plan in place to help you gain a better understanding of your condition, and gradually build your activity in surroundings you feel comfortable in. 

Giving you the knowledge and skills so that you can better manage your health & fitness

iNform Health & Fitness Solutions has over 20 years experience in injury rehabilitation, with a reputation of high quality exercise prescription appropriate to your needs.


– Shown to reduce your pain and improve your capacity to live your day-to-day life

– Increase your ability to be more physically active

– We provide a safe and welcoming environment, especially for those not experienced with exercise

– A team experienced in treating many conditions so we’ll find the right exercise physiologist for you.

– We collaborate with your health practitioners, to put together an exercise solution that will work best for you.

– Rebates and funding may apply through Private Health, Medicare, NDIS, DVA, and Return To Work Services

We believe that quality exercise and movement are a cornerstone to living a healthy life, and, believe it or not, within the grasp of all of us.

Due to the complex nature of our bodies and their adaptation to pain, injuries and other physical stresses, it’s much safer and more efficient to have an exercise physiologist walk side by side with you. We’ll coach you to better health safely as you explore reintroducing strength, fitness and exercise into your life. 

I liked the way I was listened to. I was anxious when I walked in but was made to feel comfortable. I felt my questions were answered with care and knowledge.

Josephine B.

Everything has been absolutely wonderful. I have been made to feel special and important and that my recovery and improvement was not only important to me but to my EP as well. What an amazing service! Totally professional and totally brilliant!

Kate B.

Exercise physiology at iNform is welcoming, professional, informative, and the staff are very engaging. The venue and facilities are clean and unintimidating.

Beverley D.

Do I need a referral?
Not at all! While many of our clients are referred by their health and medical professionals, this is not necessary. You can just contact us and book to see one of our exercise physiologists!
Can I claim your services under my private health?
Yes. You should be able to claim a little back on exercise physiology services. Generally it is best to check with your provider what your rebates will be.
Do you see Return To Work clients?
Yes. iNform Health & Fitness Solution’s exercise physiology return to work services provide a safe and welcoming environment with an emphasis on empowering you to manage your injury and safely return to work.
Do you see NDIS clients?
Yes. We see a number of clients with both physical and intellectual disabilities that are agency or self funded.
What if I am in pain or have an injury?
There is no better known way to rehabilitate yourself from an injury than exercise. If you suffer from pain or injury that is either acute (injury caused by a specific event) or chronic/persistent (occurs over a long period of time), then ‘exercise rehabilitation’ is for you. 
What is an Exercise Physiologist?

Our accredited exercise physiologist (AEP, or EP) are Allied Health professionals who specialise in the use of exercise to help patients get fitter and healthier.

Exercise physiologists undergo four years of university training plus ongoing accreditation requirements, qualifying them to be able to treat clients with medical conditions through exercise prescription and rehabilitation plans, such as arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic and persistent pain, cancer and depression and can help you find the best way to exercise and take charge of these so that you can focus on living your life.

Do I need to be suffering from a chronic health condition?
Absolutely not! Exercise physiologists are health professionals whose services can be used for anyone. Here at iNform we specialise in creating movement journey’s for everyone based entirely on that individual. Whether the goal be pain based or performance based, we can help!
Can I see you under a referral from my GP?

Yes. We can see you if you have a Medicare or DVA referral. The Medicare EPC program entitles eligible people up to five subsidised sessions through Medicare for treatment of a chronic condition. Eligibility for this program is at the discretion of your GP.

If you currently have a chronic condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis or osteoporosis you may be eligible.  You are in good hands with iNform Health & Fitness Solution’s Exercise Physiologists because we will work closely with your GP and your other health professionals to ensure that you have the best quality of care.

What about pricing?

An initial consult by itself is normally $199.
If you choose to pay as you go our standard 30 minute session is $96, otherwise we offer prepaid 10 session packs at $89 per session.

We also offer discounts on your initial assessment with a purchase of a pack of sessions.

What payment options are there?

As there is no lock-in contract you are free to choose the manner in which you pay. You have the choice to pay session-to-session as you go along or we also have the option of a pack payment, auto renewal, or an external direct debit system that will reduce the cost of sessions.

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