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Individualised programs come to life in group or 1-1 coaching sessions, with expert support to improve your fitness, longevity and quality of life.

Are you aware that low aerobic fitness is linked to more premature deaths than smoking and diabetes combined? Unfortunately, many health professionals overlook this crucial aspect of health assessments, potentially missing out on providing you with some of the best advice for your well-being.

For those of us over the age of 45 years, it is essential to understand the profound impact that cardio-respiratory fitness (CRF) can have on our health and  longevity. Let’s delve into the data and discover why aerobic fitness is your best health predictor.

The Significance of Aerobic Fitness:

Take a look at the following graph, showcasing the attributable fractions for all-cause deaths in over 53,000 participants in the Aerobics Centre Longitudinal Study.

This estimate reveals the number of deaths that could have been avoided if specific risk factors were absent, that is, if all smokers were non-smokers or all inactive persons were getting 30 minutes of walking on at least 5 days of the week, emphasising the critical role of aerobic fitness in enhancing overall health.

Attributable fractions (%) for all cause deaths in over 53000 participants in the Aerobics Centre Longitudinal Study.

The benefits of increasing your fitness

Perhaps you’ve been advised by your health professional that you should introduce exercise in your life… that you should get out for a walk or two during the week, but do you know where to start? Or how to optimise your time?

The data presented shows two important points about this advice: 

Firstly, if you don’t know where to start, these data show that just getting underway will give you great returns. In fact, as the graph shows, even if you shift the needle from being very inactive or unfit, to being just in the lowest quarter of either ‘active’ or ‘fit people’ you achieve the greatest return on your investment! 

The second thing this graph shows us, and answers the question: “how do I get the best return on investment?”, we can see that focusing on getting ‘fit’ rather than just being active provides a much greater protective effect.

For example if you move to the 25th percentile in activity levels, you get about a 10% protective effect, but a whopping 40% protective effect for being in the 25th percentile in FITNESS levels!!

physical activity versus aerobic fitness

Estimated relative risk of cardiovascular disease by fitness and physical activity.
Williams, PT (2001) MSSE 33:754-761.

What are my options?

a) 60 minute individualised Initial Assessment ($99)
Everyone starts here!

Pre-exercise screening > goal setting > assessment of your aerobic fitness

b) Ongoing ‘pay-as-you-go’ coaching sessions ($40)
For those that don’t need ongoing support, but just need to be shown how to get underway.

Program outline > supervised demonstration of cardio program > ongoing supervised sessions

c) 10 pass of supervised 1-1 cardio sessions ($300)
*Our recommended program. Perfect for those that want to build their fitness and develop great exercise habits!

d) 10 pass of Small group sessions ($250)
Ongoing support, motivation and accountability!


CardioMotiv, your solution for improved fitness

We present CardioMotiv, a validated system designed to enhance your fitness safely and progressively. We understand the challenges of balancing a busy schedule, and that’s why our program is tailored to provide you with the best possible return on your time investment.

Join CardioMotiv today and embark on a journey toward improved cardio-respiratory fitness, better health, and a longer, more fulfilling life. Don’t let your fitness take a back seat – invest wisely with CardioMotiv!

Ready to explore further? Contact us for personalised guidance and let us be your partner in achieving evidence-based fitness practices for a better and longer life.

I liked the way I was listened to. I was anxious when I walked in but was made to feel comfortable. I felt my questions were answered with care and knowledge.

Josephine B.

Everything has been absolutely wonderful. I have been made to feel special and important and that my recovery and improvement was not only important to me but to my EP as well. What an amazing service! Totally professional and totally brilliant!

Kate B.

Exercise physiology at iNform is welcoming, professional, informative, and the staff are very engaging. The venue and facilities are clean and unintimidating.

Beverley D.

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