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When you need to restore your mobility and use natural ways to reduce pain, come and visit us at iNform Health Norwood.

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At the bottom of Kensington Road, just a stone’s throw from the Britannia Roundabout and across the road from City Holden Rose Park, you’ll find your team of Exercise Physiologists, waiting to help you move better.


In fact, the first thing you’ll experience when you come to iNform Health at Norwood, is that you’ll always be greeted by your Exercise Physiologist, who will have planned a session of movement and strength exercises, just for you.


They’ll always be by your side, helping you gradually build or rebuild strength and mobility, which is the key to helping your body reduce pain.


This is also the headquarters of iNform Health & Fitness Solutions, so you’ll find there’s a bigger team of practitioners on deck and you’ll often hear about educational sessions being held here.


iNform Health Norwood contact details

9 Kensington Road

Norwood, South Australia, 5067


Ph: (08) 8431 2111



Meet one of the founders of iNform Health and Fitness Solutions, Max Martin,
who will take you on a short, introductory tour of iNform Health NorWood.

We offer the following services at Norwood

Exercise Physiology

You can break free from the limitations imposed by pain, reduced mobility, and many chronic health conditions, by following a carefully prescribed and guided exercise program.

Personal Training

When you choose to have Personal Training at iNform Health & Fitness Solutions, you’ll benefit from the very latest in evidence-based training techniques resulting in strength & fitness with less effort and risk of injury.

group class image

Group Classes

Small group classes supervised by one of our Exercise Physiologists. You’ll get the care and support you need with individual exercise programs specific to your goals.

The team delivering this service

Nathan Harten

Principal Exercise Physiologist

Max Martin




Principal Exercise Physiologist

Scott Wood




Associate Partner
Senior Exercise Physiologist

Holly Evans-Gill




Senior Exercise Physiologist

Cody Lewis




Exercise Physiologist

David Lowrey




Senior Exercise Physiologist

Kara Moore

Senior Exercise Physiologist

James Smith




Pain Scientist

Kosta Papachristos




Exercise Physiologist

Ferghus Kernahan

Exercise Physiologist

Declan Kennedy




Exercise Scientist

Georgia Mee




Exercise Scientist

Isabella Sanders

Exercise Physiologist

Maddison Shaw




Exercise Physiologist

Samantha Ey




Operations Manager

Estelle Humphris




Admin Officer

Nadia Maxwell




Admin Officer

Do you have off-street parking?

We have ample parking at our Norwood exercise physiology clinic that you can access off of Kensington Road. On the rare occasion this car park is full, there is plenty of parking on Kensington Road and Charles Street.

Are you accessible via public transport?

Our Norwood exercise physiology clinic is within 20 metres of stop 1 Kensington Road. The bus routes that service this are 141 and 142.

Does your clinic have disability friendly access?

Yes, our Norwood clinic has level access to the clinic and facilities. Our team of exercise physiologists are trained and qualified to work under the NDIS and often work with people with disabilities (both physical and intellectual). We are also very happy to assist with the coordination of transport to and from our clinics. 

What facilities do you have?

At our Norwood exercise physiology clinic we provide personal showers and change rooms, and toilet facilities. We also provide spacious waiting areas and limit the number of clients in our gym area to minimise crowding. We allow access to cardio equipment before your session. For your convenience we also provide filtered water and fresh towels for your exercise physiology training sessions.

Do I have to commit to a single clinic?

Absolutely not. We offer exercise physiology services at our three clinics. Because our Exercise Physiologists often work at multiple clinics, it is not uncommon for our clients to see us at more than one clinic (sometimes at all 3!). Our frontline team at each of the clinics can book you in at any location.

Do your fees change across the different clinics?

Our pricing is consistent for our three locations for all our exercise physiology, personal training and group services. For more information on our costs, please visit the exercise physiology or personal training services page.

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

Our accredited exercise physiologist (AEP, or EP) are Allied Health professionals who specialise in the use of exercise to help patients get fitter and healthier.

Exercise physiologists undergo four years of university training plus ongoing accreditation requirements, qualifying them to be able to treat clients with medical conditions through exercise prescription and rehabilitation plans, such as arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic and persistent pain, cancer and depression and can help you find the best way to exercise and take charge of these so that you can focus on living your life.

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