Aerobic fitness is your best health predictor 

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Did you know that low aerobic fitness is attributed to more premature death than smoking & diabetes combined?

Yet, the average health professional is unlikely to mention this to you, much less actually test it. Could they be missing one of the most important assessments they should be taking at your check up? and consequently, not giving you some of the best health advice you could be getting??

Not sure how, or if, you should tackle this? Read on!

The graph below shows the highly significant effect that cardio-respiratory fitness (CRF, or aerobic fitness) has on premature death, particularly with its effect compared to other more commonly discussed health issues.


Aerobic fitness is your best health predictor

Attributable fractions (%) for all cause deaths in over 53000 participants in the Aerobics Centre Longitudinal Study. This is an estimate of the number of deaths in a population that would have been avoided if a specific risk factor had been absent. That is, if all smokers were non-smokers or all inactive persons were
getting 30 minutes of walking on at least 5 days of the week.


The benefits of increasing your fitness

It’s likely you have been advised by your health professional that you should introduce exercise in your life… that you should get out for a walk or two during the week. The graph below shows us two critical things about this advice. First is the obvious difference in protective effect of general physical activity vs fitness.

Second, if you don’t know where to start, this data show that just getting underway will give you great returns. In fact, as the graph shows, even if you shift the needle from being very inactive or unfit, to being just in the lowest quarter of either ‘active’ or ‘fit people’ you achieve the greatest return on your investment! For example if you are in the lowest 10% of either ‘active’ or ‘fit’ people, you get very little protective effect; but if you move to the 25th percentile in activity levels, you get about a 10% protective effect, but a whopping 40% protective effect for being in the 25th percentile in FITNESS levels!!


Aerobic fitness is your best health predictor

Estimated relative risk of cardiovascular disease by fitness and physical activity.
Williams, PT (2001) MSSE 33:754-761.

You are busy, and ‘exercise time’ is hard to schedule, so the last thing we want is for you to not get the best possible return on your time investment! This data show the multiplied protective effect that increasing your fitness has on your health compared to just ‘being active’. While your low level general incidental activity is important, having a focused and safe approach to improving your fitness will reap huge returns on your investment.

This is where CardioMotiv comes in!

proven system to improve your fitness in a safe and progressive manner.

What are my options?

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b) Ongoing ‘pay-as-you-go’ coaching sessions ($15) 
For those that don’t need ongoing support, but just need to be shown how to get underway.

  • Program outline > supervised demonstration of cardio program > ongoing supervised sessions

c) 5 weeks of supervised cardio sessions (up to 10 total sessions over 5 weeks) ($100)
*Our recommended program. Perfect for those that want to build their fitness and develop great exercise habits! 

  • Choose your preferred option of 1 on 1 or small group sessions over 5 weeks 

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