Ok, I’m not going to berate you. I think its pretty normal that by now, the end of January, you have probably not continued with your New Years Resolution. After all, we know that 88% of people are in the same boat!

But why does this keep happening year after year?

There are some common mistakes that we see made time after time, so here are a few tips on how to fix them:

  1. You made the wrong resolution!

Quite often people choose something they should be doing rather than what they want to be doing. You know the ones: “I should exercise; I should read more books; I should learn a new skill; I should tidy up my desk.”

How about what you WANT to do? Surely these things will motivate you!

So WHY do you want to exercise more? Will it help you play with your kids/grand kids; will it help you explore the outdoors with friends; or is it as simple as the feeling of energy you get from being fitter and healthier?

Ok, so now we have a real and motivating reason to exercise. This takes us to our next common mistake…

2. Most people don’t move past the ‘idea’ stage – there is no planning!

This is where things start to get real! You actually have to schedule time for this new activity. Perhaps you need to organise other people if they need to be involved.

Have you considered how long you want to devote to your new goal. Will it go on for the whole year, or is there another deadline? How much time per week? Is there a cost and is it feasible?

Perhaps it is as simple as having aimed for too much change!

Research is now clearly showing us that change is expensive. It tires you out, so the more you aim to change, the more support you need. Quite often we end up getting this ‘support’ from calorie dense foods and too much couch time – exactly the behaviours we were trying to change!

3. You have not resourced yourself properly to achieve the change you want.

Even good plans will fail if you don’t have the right tools to actually carry out your new goals.

Do you have good support? This could be from family, friends, or a trusted and quality professional.

Do you have the right information to succeed? With so much mis-information bouncing off our retinas and ear drums, failures often come from taking the wrong road, rather than from system failures.

Look for quality, evidence based information sources!

Lastly, have you got options planned for when things don’t go according to plan? For example, if the gym is closed, can you do a home program? If you forget your healthy packed lunch at home, do you know what to choose at a cafe?

Helping people achieve their health and fitness goals and resolutions is the perfect domain of an Exercise Physiologist.

If you need more information on the above, or would like support in the planning and implementation stages for your health success give us a call on 08 8431 2111. (we even have discounted our initial assessment session for our blog readers to make sure that it is extra feasible for you)