Your Journey At iNform


As with all journeys, there are various stages that will make it successful and exciting, such as the planning stages, and different levels of adventure.
Your Exercise coach is keenly aware of the obstacles you face when setting out or returning to the journey towards fitness, so they’ll make themselves available to watch your back, so to speak, and to encourage you to push on through the various forms of resistance you are bound to encounter as old habits are challenged and new routines developed.
We believe that the best place to start is at the beginning! So we have developed a comprehensive, yet efficient, Initial Needs Assessment to make sure you get The Right Start.
As you know, it is one thing to have information but another thing to put it into action. So once we have your roadmap to better health and fitness, we’ll start Laying Foundations to ensure your changes are strong and sustainable over the long term.
From this point, we can start to consolidate and build towards greater heights and increase your capacity to do more. Getting Active will now be much easier that you ever expected.
Perhaps you may have, or develop along the way, a performance goal, such as completing a Fun-run, dropping your golf handicap, or that adventure holiday you always wanted to do. Our role will be to help you achieve your best performance, even if being an ‘athlete’ is not what you have in mind!