Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Have you tried to lose weight before? Most of our clients have tried and tell us it can be a frustrating roller coaster-like process.

Our philosophy is that our bodies are innately balanced to maintain healthy functioning, provided we nurture our natural systems.

This is where many of the fad diets and supplements fall down – they attack certain symptoms of being overweight without actually instilling a sustainable, natural approach to life that is crucial for returning to a healthy weight range.

These internal systems we refer to are your diet (eating the correct amount and type of food), exercise, recovery and relaxation.


Your uniquely designed weight loss and activity management program will be specifically created by one of iNform’s exercise physiologist, based on the best science and evidence-based principles available.

The key advantage of your iNform program is that it will help you lose body fat and not your muscle. Many dietary programs fail, as your muscle, one of the most important components of your metabolic machine, is also lost along the way.

Our weight loss program will educate you how to best find this balance in order for you to lose weight and keep it off.

We work with you to effectively monitor changes in your body composition, diet, activity and lifestyle to give you the right information to sustain these changes long term.

It is not always easy – often the most important things in life are the most difficult. However, our clients tell us that the confidence they get from knowing their program is based on solid science, gives them the faith to push through. After that, the results start speaking for themselves.

Let us help you start returning to a healthier weight today. Call or email us for an initial consultation.