With iNform Health and Fitness Solutions Malvern now well established, the team is looking to invite a few more clients to choose the Unley Road studio as their base for exercise physiology in Unley.

To that end, Steve Davis from The Adelaide Show Podcast dropped by to see Max Martin and take him on a tongue-in-cheek tour of the area to find new clients.

For many years, Max Martin and Dr Nathan Harten, contributed a segment to the popular podcast called The Made To Move Minute.

With iNform Health and Fitness Solutions now expanded to three practices, Steve thought it would be fun to drop by and give the Malvern clinic a nudge, especially because he grew up nearby in Clifton Street.

iNform’s centre for exercise physiology in Unley is based at 277 Unley Road, Malvern, and shares the building with Move For Better Health.

As you’ll see in the video, Steve cheekily suggests that Max could approach teachers from Walfold Anglican School For Girls, residents and workers at Living Choice Fullarton Retirement Centre, and even the Mayor, councillors, and council and library staff at the City Of Unley.

If you want a “proper” introduction to the studio, click here for location and staff details and Max’s walkthrough of iNform Health Malvern.

Steve Davis takes Max Martin on a tour to find people wanting to do exercise physiology in Unley