With spring upon us we are already seeing a lot of our clients, and friends and family, starting to increase their physical activity. This is typically a result of the slighter longer and somewhat warmer days, and the impending approach of summer and its scantiness! Add to that ‘spring cleans’ and weeds in the garden, and there’s a lot more movement going on!

While all this is obviously a good thing, we are seeing a lot more aching bodies as a result; and we are hearing this from our health colleagues as well. So what is going on? I think that people often forget that they are coming out of a long and inactive hibernation, and their bodies are not ready for the loads, twisting and bending that’s being imposed on them!

So here are a few fitness tips and solutions to those aches and pains:

  • firstly, start slow. Allow your body the time to get used to the new loads you are subjecting it to.
  • Plan your activity, especially if it’s work around the house and garden, into manageable chunks. don’t get caught out with a job that’s too big and forces you to spend hours working right off the mark.
  • Focus on your posture while moving. You’ve probably spent endless hours in forward stooped positions at your desk and car with very little muscle loads. Aim to reverse this posture by sitting and standing tall, with an open chest. and try to maintain this posture while exercising an working.
  • If you are planning to start an exercise routine, perform exercises that will prepare you for the harder exercises that will come later. For example, if about to start running, go for longer walks to begin with, and introduce jogs in smaller chunks. Also, develop some strength in your legs by doing exercises such as squats.
  • If you develop joint pain during your activities don’t push through that pain, it could be the begining of a more serious injury. See a trusted health professional for advice.

If you would like more information on this or with preparing for your exercise goals an exercise physiologist at iNform can help with advice and practical tips.

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