March is a month of mayhem in Adelaide. With the festival coming and going and the V8’s long gone from our streets, I have sensed a great deal of fatigue in those who have tried to keep up with the frenetic pace.

It is like we need a tank of that high octane fuel to get us through to Easter!

However, with a few simple tweaks of our metabolic engine we may be able to develop a machine powerful enough to see us through these busy times with plenty of energy in reserve.

Muscles are our metabolic engine.

Inside our engine we have these cylinders where our fuel goes to give us energy called our mitochondria.

It has long been known that with exercise we can develop more of these mitochondria, effectively turning four cylinder motors into powerful V8’s. With a bigger engine the day to day feels so much easier.

Our engine only needs to idle away at 50% rather than being pushed to it’s limits.

This should be motivation enough to stay fit…

However we are finding that with the right type of exercise we can not only build a bigger engine but we can effectively build a new one. Resistance training is the key here and it can actually make the mitochondria in your muscle cells look like they did back in their 20’s and 30’s.

If you are interested in how our amazing bodies are able to do this please read an earlier blog on the topic:

For us to build these “V8” engines we also need high quality parts which we receive through our nutrition. Therefore what we eat is imperative to building brand new muscles, and at the cellular level protein and omega 3 fats are the building blocks to health.

We don’t just put any old part in our motor vehicles so why should our bodies be any different?

To find out more about this fascinating area of research and how it can improve your energy, a seminar will be held at iNform Health & Fitness on Wednesday evening the 11th of April. See our link here for more details.