bikefit2016_picScreening is a critical part of our solutions for our clients to set up the right start before beginning their exercise journey. And so my exciting journey from 0km to 1000km in one week would be no different! Establishing the right screening process to address my weaknesses and asymmetries is the first step I took.

My Bike Fit experience

I enlisted the skills of my great colleague and friend Shane Burgess from SmartHealth to conduct a bike fit assessment. I just purchased a beautiful new bike, and I’ll have to increase my kilometres on it quite significantly from month to month, I wanted to make sure that the steed and I fit each other like a glove!

You see, my left leg is 5 millimetres shorter than my right leg. Add to this all the little physical quirks you develop after decades of exercising and pushing your limits… including the many stacks on my mountain bike when I also push my age by feeling like I’m a kid again – lead to interesting challenges on a road bike. On a road bike your pelvis is relatively fixed by the mandatory narrow saddle, and your feet are firmly clipped onto the pedals. This set up, while great for speed and power transfer, creates interesting pressures when your movement is not smooth and symmetrical! After a couple of hours of adjusting cleats, inserting spacers between my left shoe and the pedal, and tinkering with about every movable part of my bike, I was ready to start accumulating kilometres! The feeling on the bike after this process was impressive. I truly felt extremely balanced and efficient!!

Max posture

Movement Screening to set up gym training

The next step was to have my colleagues at iNform perform a Movement Screen on me to ensure that my training off the bike was also targeted to improve on my weaknesses, and ensure that I can maximise my return on investment from my time training in the gym.

I’ll write much more about the specifics of my training to improve my strength and functional capacity in future entries of this blog series. The aim will be to give me the best possible chance to enjoy the Ride as One, complete the ride, and be able to move afterwards!

What can you take away from this?

I once learned from a valued colleague of mine the following sage advice: “spend two thirds of the time allocated to a project planning it, and you will succeed”. To be honest, I don’t think y impatience has ever allowed me to follow this advice to the fullest, but I do know that before embarking on any significant challenge it is imperative to set things up right from the beginning, to avoid costly mistakes (injuries, pain, wasted training) down the track. So what ever your physical challenge, be it to run your first 5kms, a City to Bay, or a marathon; or to enter a new season of elite level training; make sure you get the right assessment and screening process first to target your training to your specific needs!

More about setting up the right team next week!