This summer, become a better runner!

Chances are that if you had a running-goal for this year, you have probably had a crack at it by now. City-to-Bay, Trailblazer, most of the SA Road-Runners club events and the various big-ticket state marathons have now been run and done for 2014. If you did have a go, I hope you achieved what you set out to.

So what now? Well for me, I’m going to make myself a better runner for next year!

That starts in the gym. Well technically it actually starts on the floor of my study.

The foundation for a running strength program consists of exercises aimed at getting the muscles doing their job properly, complemented by specifically chosen stretches, foam-rolling and other methods for improving the mobility of the joints where unnecessary restrictions reside.

This phase of training doesn’t require much equipment- just a floor, your body and a foam-roller- hence why I complete this phase in my study! The main purpose of this phase, which we call the foundation phase, is to do the best we can to get our body working properly, at least at this low-load level.

I will probably spend a month or so doing this work, maybe less depending on how it is going. I will still run but I will run solely for enjoyment, with the weather, how I feel and the mood of our local snakes dictating what I do.

I have some pretty ambitious running-goals for 2015 crystalising in my mind. I am going to give myself the best chance of achieving these by having an awesome pre-season. Heck, if it is good enough for the pros, it’s good for this mug too!

If you want help creating a running pre-season specific for your needs, drop me a line!