Hunter Bennett

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Hunter is one of iNform Health and Fitness’s exercise scientists, and is extremely dedicated and passionate about getting people both moving and feeling better

He has an undergraduate graduate degree in Exercise Science, a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science (majoring in Strength and Conditioning), and is currently undertaking a PhD with iNform to further improve the state of the health and fitness industry!


Professional Interests:

Helping people to move better, while becoming stronger and more athletic!

While my education has been predominantly in the athletic development area, I am extremely passionate about getting people confident in their own body – no matter where they are coming from. This (for me) means getting people stronger and fitter than they ever thought possible!

Personal Interests:

Taking long walks on the beach with my one true love (my rather excitable Dalmatian, Evie)

I am a borderline coffee addict (I’m not sure if this is an interest per se, but I am certainly interested in drinking it?)

I absolutely love to travel.

And finally, as boring as it may sound, I am incredibly passionate about exercise. I believe it is important to practice what you preach, and I don’t like to prescribe my clients with anything I haven’t done first!