Chloe Walker

Exercise Physiologist



Chloe has grown up playing all sorts of sports both club and recreationally. If there were people running around (with or without a ball) you could bet she was also out there too. This over her life so far has led her to make healthier lifestyle choices, and thus led her to seek out a career where she could combine her love of living a healthy lifestyle and love of helping people.
Now she loves helping a range of people with various health conditions to consciously live their own healthy lifestyles as she believes everyone should be able to live and enjoy their best life!

Professional Interests:

  • Everyday Wellness
  • Musculoskeletal development
  • Improving quality of life through exercise and healthy habits

Personal Interests:

  • Doing anything outdoors with her Kelpie pup Callie
  • Outdoor adventures with friends such as hiking
  • Obstacle racing (for fun)