Our Story

The genesis!

iNform’s origin story goes back to the first days of the millenium when good friends and academic colleagues, Max and Nathan, used to share an office at the University of South Australia. As we looked towards our future and possible careers we had an unshakeable feeling that we wanted to create an innovative and attractive way to provide health and fitness services to our community.

We set out to outline a business and place of work that we would want to go to every day. Our key foundational offerings to our clients were to be information that is easily understandable and applicable; and an exercise system that was based on quality evidence, and aimed to improve the quality of life of those we were lucky enough to help.

iNform is born!

This led to the name iNform, which as you can probably guess, is a play on providing information and education, and getting people to move with good ‘form’.

These founding principles, coupled with our love for teaching and equipping others, lead to us realising that we could not only be of service to our community, but also to our industry of health, fitness and exercise professionals. A few years later this resulted in the formation of Corrective exercise Australia , which delivers workshops, lectures and training to a range of professionals in diverse settings such as Universities, colleges, and private businesses.

The first couple of years saw us developing our concepts and systems, and by 2002 we were ready to spread our wings and take a literal leap of faith into opening our first studio in Norwood. The years since then have delivered many great experiences, some of them… let’s say… ‘constructive’ (!) but we can confidently say that we still love ‘going to work’. Over this time iNform has been a vehicle that has allowed us to positively influence the lives of thousands of people by decreasing their pain and increasing their fitness, strength and physical capacity to live better lives. iNform has contributed to the professional development of hundreds of exercise professionals; and to the growth and improvement of the national associations that oversee our industries (Fitness Australia and ESSA), through membership in advisory councils and boards.

The journey continues!

We are thankful that iNform has also allowed us to walk this journey with amazing colleagues, from our great team members through the years, to a community of like-minded allied health professionals that have provided invaluable support towards our professional and corporate growth; but most importantly, to our clients’ health journeys as well!

And so, may years down the track, iNform continues to focus on helping our clients, community, and industry achieve real health change through professional and quality solutions, offering hope, support, and care.