One-on-one Personal Training

Following your Needs Assessment, your exercise coach will have a clear plan for your 30, 45 or 60-minute one-on-one personal training sessions. They will lead you forward, week by week, monitoring your progress and consulting with your health team as needed. This team support is crucial for helping you develop and keeping you on track.

However, if you need to lay some solid foundations first, to help you move better and free of pain, then our exercise rehabilitation program is a very well established and proven way to start your journey.

If you have a specific performance goal in mind, or are an athlete, then our Strength and Conditioning coaches and system will help you get the most from your natural talent!

You are likely to build a solid, working relationship with your exercise coach, who will encourage you through milestones and who will always be prepared to help you develop solutions to any lifestyle roadblocks that prove challenging to move.

As a further service, you have access to cardio equipment for 15 minutes before and after your sessions so you can sneak in some extra physical activity, warm up, or cool down.
We know you will thrive in this environment and look forward to helping you get started. EmailĀ or contact us now for your initial consultation.

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