One-on-one Personal Training


EXERCISE WITH CONFIDENCE –  Personal Training at iNform

iNform started as one of the earliest Personal Training (PT) studios in Adelaide over 16 years ago! Ever since, iNform has been at the forefront of exercise science in SA, to the point that now our team are often referred to as “PTs with PhDs”! This is in part due to the number of years’ experience that our team have, but also many of them have completed (or are completing) further Honours, Masters, and PhD qualifications. Having your “PTs” being all tertiary qualified ensures you will have access to a range of professionals with the right set of skills.

When you set off on your journey to better health and fitness with your exercise professional at iNform, a one-on-one personal training environment will provide you with company and expertise by your side every step of the way. You are likely to build a solid, working relationship with your exercise professional, who will encourage you through milestones and who will always be prepared to help you develop solutions to any lifestyle roadblocks that prove challenging to move.

This journey to better health starts with an Initial Needs Assessment, where your exercise physiologist will be able to work with you to develop a clear plan for your 30, 45 or 60-minute one-on-one personal training sessions. They will lead you forward, week by week, monitoring your progress and consulting with your health team as needed. This team support is crucial for helping you develop and keeping you on track.

As a further service, you have access to cardio equipment for 15 minutes before and after your sessions so you can sneak in some extra physical activity, warm up, or cool down.

We know you will thrive in this environment and look forward to helping you get started. Email or contact us now for your initial consultation.

Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Performance Management

If you have a specific performance goal in mind, or are an athlete, then our Strength and Conditioning coaches and system will help you get the most from your natural talent!

We take your strength and fitness very seriously. In fact, our experienced and qualified strength and conditioning coaches and exercise physiologists exist to help YOU, the athlete, and YOU, the coach, to maximise performance through advice and services related to athletic movement development, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and recovery strategies.

For an athlete and coach, a qualified S&C coach, and a performance manager, can help ensure that ‘operations’ and ‘departments’ such as nutrition, recovery, testing and assessments, travel strategies, and health and medical treatments are effective, well co-ordinated and timely. It is about all the factors that contribute to your best performance being present and optimised.

If you are a self-coached athlete then a performance manager can be a great sounding board and support when making all those decisions that need to be made, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks!

Either way, your need for an S&C coach or  performance manager could range from just one session (a Performance Needs Assessment) to get some basic ideas about your current needs and strategies, or more regular support as your sporting career progresses and develops.

Some of these supporting services include:

Strength development


Corrective Exercise


Slow-Motion Analysis

Speed Development

First Step quickness

So please don’t persevere on your own! contact us today by email or phone so we can help you perform better tomorrow!