Happy Valentines day to all the Romeo & Juliet’s out there!
Valentines day is the day to make up for the other 364 days of the year…oops, I mean everyday is a day to connect with your monogamous partner right? Well I don’t want to be all up in your face with cheesy Casanova one liners. I want  to ‘twist’ up Valentines day by redirecting the attention on oneself.
The motivation to turn the tables of gratification to ourselves is based on some reflection over the past weeks…. .Why is is it so easy to give? But so difficult to receive? Or even so, to put ones needs first. Well, unless you’re a narcissist; and then I’ll have to throw the DSM-5 at you! Receiving can often be associated with guilt. With all the co-morbidity’s floating around, one has been really delving deep into why one doesn’t feel intrinsically the worth to put one’s health first?. Now, I just opened up a whole can of complex issues that Sigmund Freud would be rubbing his hands to get to the bottom of. However, I want to stick to the issue of putting your health first.
Here is a scene that has really influenced this blog.
Cameras rolling…and ACTION!
Two Italians ladies accompany each other at the gym on a regular basis. This is a mother daughter combo. With the mother being in her nineties. And the daughter being in her sixties. As I do my thing on the cross trainer I hear them both laughing away on the treadmill & speaking Italian (on a consistency). Now what is so heart felt about these two is not only the bond & connection (as a mother and daughter do) between them both. And there is wonderful research to back up connection with improved immunity, decreased risk of mortality et cetera. It is the intrinsic and reciprocal want for them both to have there needs met; to be well, healthy and thriving.
Now that’s a 24/7 valentines moment right there!
In light of late last weeks Facebook link  on “auditing” or keeping track of your daily/weekly exercise. I really encourage you all from the bottom of my Valentine heart to make your health a priority. Regardless of the extrinsic’s going on in one’s life. In deep reflection. If we set healthy boundaries. Show an abundance of loving kindness and compassion. And lastly, give on a daily basis (without expecting anything in return). Don’t we then thus deserve all of this back intrinsically with humility?
I do hope, or if not me; the wonderful mother & daughter combo give you the strength to be vulnerable and to have YOUR needs met.