My generation at the moment seem to have an intriguing interest with the thought of an apocalypse in which zombies take over the world. Whether it be as a result of a nuclear event or a catastrophic disease I have heard numerous conspiracy theories of how and when it is going to come about. Video games re-enact zombie wars and movies portray stories of humans battling the living dead to save their families and the world. It seems that quite a number of us have put significant amounts of time into thinking through what their plan will be should this happen. There are even tv shows that rate people’s preparedness for these situations. I have never seen so many firearms, underground bunkers and canned goods!
A couple of weekends ago I took part in a ‘Zombie walk’ around Adelaide. It was an eye opening experience being surrounded by 15,000 other zombified people. The fake blood was flowing!
The event got me thinking. Are we as a society focusing too much on looking out for big devastating events that could lead to the downfall of the world as we know it, without realising the impending apocalypse that is slowly creeping up on us? With such a large portion of our population suffering from lifestyle related diseases, is poor nutrition and physical inactivity the apocalyptic crisis affecting the world that we have all missed.
So given this thought, what is your doomsday plan?
Instead of stockpiling canned food maybe we should be increasing our physical fitness and building active muscle tissue to ensure we are best equipped to deal with this modern day apocalypse?