Laying the Foundations to Exercise

When you set off on your journey to better health and fitness with your exercise coach at iNform, you will have company and expertise by your side every step of the way.

We believe that moving well is a foundation to moving more and better health. So once we have established your personal roadmap from your Needs Assessment we can start Laying Foundations to ensure your changes are strong and sustainable over the long term.

So, what may constitute a good foundation to good movement, and hence your health? This means that your joints are mobile, muscles ‘fire’ when needed without compensations, and there is overall balance between working muscles. These often need some tweaking as they can be affected by past pain and injury, or being over (or under!) used.

Your exercise coach will lead you forward, week by week, in a carefully monitored and progressive way to ensure we injure-proof your body. This will set up a successful beginning to your journey towards the activity levels you desire!

The right start

The best place is to start at the beginning.

Laying foundations

Moving well is the foundation to moving more.

Getting active

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Your best performance

Move beyond daily health and well-being.