Our Services

Exercise and fitness are cornerstones of a long and happy life. While there’s no way of avoiding that fact, there are ways of easing these disciplines into your lifestyle at a comfortable pace and in a style that suits your personality and situation.

Your choice of health and fitness services at iNform Health and Fitness include:

Exercise Physiology

iNform’s Exercise Physiology services are for those that require special care. Our team will work with you to find ways so that you can increase your physical activity to reach your goals regardless of your current health and fitness. 

Personal Training

Having your “PTs” being all tertiary qualified ensures you will have access to a range of professionals with the right set of skills.

Health Coaching

We know that most people have a pretty good idea of what they need to do to improve their health… most will know that they may need to eat better or exercise more. Many years of experience have shown us that the hardest part for most people is to a) get started, and b) find the motivation and accountability to continue, especially when life throws extra challenges at us.

Group Classes

While iNform’s exercise physiology group classes are supervised by one of our Exercise Physiologists, the support you receive is much more than that. This is because the individuals in the small groups have walked in your shoes. They experience the same challenges and manage the same chronic conditions as you.