Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in Australia, and we  see a large number of recreational golfers as clients at iNform. One of the greatest things about this sport is that it allows for a broad range of participants from the very young to the very senior, and from active to  not so active.

Despite it’s reputation for being an activity of relatively benign physical demand, Golf can place significant amounts of stress on the body, and injury rates can be  high among even  ‘casual’ of players. This article is the first of a series discussing the most common golfing injuries, and strategies on how to prevent them.

In this piece, we will take a quick look at low back pain in the golfing community.

In a number of clinical studies, low back pain has been reported to be the most common injury amongst golfers (as high as 25% of all injuries in the sport). The news is not all grim however; as there are simple strategies you can employ today to assist in avoiding golf related back pain and they may very well improve your game!

The swing is an explosive movement that takes the spine through a large range of motion, so it is imperative that all golfers ensure they are well prepared for such movements each time they play a round if they aim to prevent back pain.

The first strategy you should take heed of is to ensure you are using an efficient swing technique. Make the valuable investment of taking a couple lessons from your club pro to iron out any biomechanical problems with your swing. This will enable your body to cope with the forces involved in the swing.

The second strategy is to ALWAYS warm-up prior to playing a round. Most golfers get straight out of their used golf cart and head to tee-off without employing any measures to prepare their body for movement. A few simple mobility exercises will go a long way here. Speak with your PT or Exercise Physiologist for some ideas.

I’ve included one example (pictured) that our golfing clients at iNform have found very helpful in preparing them on the course, and for keeping their spinal mobility in great shape. Try the Thoracic Rotation exercise below before your next round and see how you feel!

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