We all love to head away on holidays. My idea of a holiday may be quite different to someone else’s idea of a perfect getaway. Where some people like to unwind and relax on a European river cruise sipping Champagne and reading a good book, others may prefer a tropical beach holiday where they spend time swimming or meandering through the local markets. Many are more adventurous too. I myself like to get up and about, explore and be a little adventurous. If there is a good scenic hike to the top of a mountain on offer, I’ll probably do it. Regardless of the activities on the holiday there is still one thing that remains constant. There is a need to get fit for travel.

Why do you need to be fit for travel?

I think you would all agree that the last thing you want to do is injure yourself while on holiday or worse yet, before you even get to your destination. A private charter, in their blog, blog.jettly.com, explains how travelling can inherently be stressful on the body in a number of ways. Physically, you are likely to have baggage to be lugging around to airports and hotels. You may want to get your carry-on baggage up into the overhead compartments on the plane and then back down again upon arrival. Take care because we all know your baggage may have moved during the flight! Most holidays do also end up involving a degree of exploration on foot to have a look at the sights and often just to get from place to place. All of these seemingly simple tasks still require a degree of strength and mobility. 

Moving away from tasks that need physical strength, let’s talk a little about physical health! A lack of physical health could lead to an increased chance of a cardiac event whilst overseas, that’s a real buzz kill! That’s looking worst case. On a lower level it may just be an inability to walk from place to place due to breathlessness or achy joints. Still a bit of a downer during a holiday.

If you are planning a more adventurous holiday, such as a multi-day trek in Nepal or a ski trip then this need for an appropriate fitness base is even greater. Essentially, you want to be sure that you have prepared yourself for the likely rigors of your holidays, regardless of the intended intensity.

How do you get fit for travel?

It’s not as hard as you may first think. If you are coming from a place of very little fitness, consider starting with small walks that challenge you slightly. This will start to build up some cardiovascular fitness and a base level of strength. Have a read of this blog, Strength Training for Walking to see how strength training could help you. As the walks become easier, you can start to increase the intensity over time. I would strongly advise some professional advice into strength work that will help build both lower and upper body strength. This will help you achieve all of the routine holiday tasks easily. 
If you happen to be embarking on an a more adventurous holiday, it is best to get some tailored advice for your individual needs. You will want to be doing more to increase strength and endurance.

Whether you are starting from scratch or need something more advanced, this is an area iNform Health and Fitness Solutions specialises in. We want you to get the most out of your travelling so come and visit us for some quality advice.   

Don’t miss the forest for the trees. Get fit for travel so that you can climb to the top of every lookout and see all that there is to see.

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