The other day while driving  through the hills, I saw something that surprised me… A young guy

doing chin ups on the bus shelter, while waiting for the bus! It made me stop and think (well not

literally as I was driving!) but continue to ponder for some time; why should this have made me look

twice? Shouldn’t we live in a society where this behaviour is normal? Here is a young guy utilising

his time while waiting for public transport, instead of sitting down on his phone. I had to commend


Finding time to exercise

All too often I hear people discussing the barriers to exercise, with the most common theme in each

being TIME. I get it, life gets busy! There’s family, work, friends, pets and not to mention the

unexpected events. But what would happen if we took every opportunity we had to exercise a little


Take the guy at the bus stop as the perfect example, he has utilised his time and surroundings to

create an opportunity to move. Now, I know we can’t all do chin ups and we don’t all take public

transport but can you think of any time throughout your day in which you’re waiting around or could

be combining the two? Perhaps walking around the oval while your child is at footy training;

completing push ups on the kitchen sink while waiting for the kettle to boil; walking around while

talking on your mobile; taking the stairs instead of the escalator/lift; or completing sit to stands from

your office chair.

Challenge accepted

So, my challenge to you is to recognise times where you can be proactive with movement and fill

these waiting moments with ‘chin ups’ or the like! I hope to see more action at bus stops in future!