Falls Prevention


iNform’s ‘Masters of Gravity’ program delivers exercise based falls prevention group classes for older adults to reduce falls, fear of falling and increase independence and quality of life.

With the direct cost of falls now costing Australians over $558 million a year along with an ageing population, there is more need than ever to reduce your risk. However, falling or the fear of falling can cause a downward spiral where you tend to reduce your activity which in turn increases your risk of a future fall.

Therefore it is extremely important that you can regain the trust in your body through improving your balance and strength. In fact, an appropriately designed intervention program can prevent falls in older adults by up to 40%.

iNform provides a safe and welcoming environment supervised by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Classes are made up of no more than 8 adults and each individual has personalised exercises based on their goals. The program has shown proven results in measures of strength and balance.

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