Let’s help you draw a line in the sand


For the month of November we’d like you help you draw a line in the sand by offering you a 15% discount if you choose either the “Fastest Results” or the “Right Start” 10 week program.


Thank you for clicking through to find out more about how to draw a line in the sand like Deb Middleton.
One of the things Deb stressed when agreeing to share her story, was that she is NOT a gym junkie and is someone who prefers the one-on-one style of coaching that we use here at iNform Health.
She also hoped to make it clear that YOU would feel empowered to reach out to talk to us so that we can review the niggles and injuries and other things happening with your body that are holding you back from enjoying life to the full.
We use a structured approach to working with you.
Our “draw a line in the sand” campaign has come about because we have noticed how clients like Deb hit a point at which they say enough’s enough and they just want to shake off certain aches and pains, or get better movement and flexibility back into their lives.
That’s exactly what we’re about.
But please remember, iNform is NOT a typical gym. We are here to work with you, by your side, one-on-one, as you move towards your goals.


We start with a crucial body assessment of you, based on the latest insights in Exercise Physiology, (the science of how exercise can interact with your body’s various systems and either cause damage or cause growth and repair) so that we know what your body can and cannot do safely, and what we need to consider when working out a tailored program for you.
Also remember that when you see us, you come to one-on-one sessions in which a university-qualified trainer will guide you through a tailored program and be right with you to step in for remedial work if you need it along your journey.
Our people will take great pleasure in seeing you succeed; it’s the most important, intrinsic reward we each receive.
Take a look at our 10-week plans or Pay As You Go option to see which approach will work best in helping you truly draw a line in the sand this summer!
Why are these 10-week packages?

As exercise physiologists, our whole approach to health, wellness, and training is evidence-based.

For many decades, the evidence has shown that supported, one-on-one training programs have the highest success rate because they bring the twin benefits of:

  • tailored sessions (so your trainer can speed up, slow down, or alter exercise plans to accommodate changes in your body, thus avoiding injury which can hamper progress)
  • accountability (knowing you have paid for sessions and knowing a trainer will be waiting for you, give a strong dose of extrinsic motivation to help fight through your body’s resistance to the formation of new, healthier habits and routines)

It takes at least 4-6 weeks for new habits to form, and a similar amount of time for directed, planned exercise to start showing signs of success, thus our 10-week programs are planned to get you through the initial challenges of lifestyle changes and new routines so that your new course of action can become embedded in your daily life.

As a further note, two sessions a week actually delivers a much greater impact that just one session, due to the way muscles adapt to exercise.

What happens in the Initial Needs Assessment?

It would be great if we could read minds and bodies and prescribe a similar course of action for everybody.

However, every one of us has different health needs and challenges, due to our lifestyle and routines.

Our Initial Needs Assessment gives our exercise physiologists an opportunity to analyse your body physically, while also determining what goals are important to you mentally and emotionally.

There is no one-size-fits-all when a health and fitness plan is crafted in a safe and effective manner, which is why we build our work with you on the solid foundation of our assessment process.

As a side note, our assessments use our own Movement Screen technology, which is employed by practitioners around the world, to analyse your unique style of movement so we can isolate areas at risk of injury.

This then feeds into our process as we develop a tailored exercise plan for you.

What is included in the tailored program?

Our tailored programs are a series of core exercises chosen to work with your strengths and build up any weaknesses your body might have as you embark on your journey to better health and fitness.

For Pay As You Go clients, these plans set out a small cluster of exercises that match your current state of need, so you can work on your fitness safely.

For our 10-week program clients, your trainer will use this program as a basis of their work with you, but they will modify and adjust your plan as you work together.