Diabetes Group Class Program


Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes or are you at risk of developing it? We know it already affects millions of Australians and our current, mainstream lifestyle has primed a diabetes time bomb with its excess of sugar, simple carbohydrates, alcohol and lack of exercise. This is one of the most serious risks facing Australia and if this includes you, then iNform’s Diabetes group class program is a perfect option for taking back control over the disease.

We have trawled through the research, reviewed other programs and then integrated this evidence-based, structured progressive resistance training program for people with, or those at risk of developing, Type 2 diabetes.

The Lift for Life program will help you be part of your own diabetes intervention. And we can say that with confidence because this program has been proven to improve blood glucose control in Type 2 diabetes patients.

As a spin-off effect, you will also find your general fitness improves, along with your weight management and quality of life.

Why not invite a friend or family member to do the program with you? Forward this page to them and then phone or email us today to find out when our next classes are running.