Hi, I’m Glenn, one of iNform’s clients and a new Whoop user. I’d love to give you a client’s perspective on the Whoop health coach!

By day I’m a desk jockey leading a small team within a big company. I drink way too much coffee, spend too much time in meetings, snack on bowls of cereal, raid the biscuit tin and lunch on whatever is quick and dirty. By night I’m a husband and father of three. Life is busy. Somewhere in there I try to fit in some exercise. The problem: I’m a washed-up age-group triathlete still trying to hit splits from 10 years ago. I just can’t exercise for fun, I need a challenge or a goal. All combined that puts me in a risky category: 95% zero physical activity and 5% full gas, nothing in between. Not surprisingly I became a yo-yo trainer – train, injury, repeat. That’s how I ended up at iNform!

So how does Whoop fit in to all of this? To me, Whoop is like your body’s credit card account balance. Your day to day activities are like withdrawals. Work and home stress, exercise, diet and general activity all drain your account. And just like a credit card you can’t keep withdrawing, you need to make repayments. That’s where sleep and recovery come in. If you keep withdrawing and don’t make enough repayments, the credit card interest catches up with you. Whoop gives you a running account balance to help you manage your life!

What have I learnt about ME so far?

  1. Sometimes I get to Friday night and I’m simply exhausted, wound-up and seriously cranky – I can see that in my recovery scores. This steady accumulation of work stress and exercise just doesn’t give me the chance to recover. Consecutive days of red zone is my trigger to course correct.
    2. Training in the heat (>35C) hurts me big time. My 7km Corporate Cup run around the Torrens in the heat registered an unusually high strain and took much longer to recover from. I even bounced back quicker from the Murray Man triathlon (1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21km run).
    3. I get a pretty good and consistent sleep score these days. Interestingly though, more sleep doesn’t seem to be the silver recovery bullet for me. Active recovery, like an easy ride or a hike, seems to be the go.

So far, I’m loving it. It’s so simple yet so insightful – it’s just your heartbeat. While it’s somewhat concerning to see the direct impact that life’s strain has on your heart it’s also satisfying to see how your body responds to recovery. Whoop helps me quantify how my body is coping with life’s strain so I can course correct. After all, you can only manage what you measure!

And finally, one for the triathletes. Glenn’s Triathlon Trip #1: If you struggle to get into your wetsuit, try putting a plastic bag over your hand or foot before you slip it into the arm or leg hole.


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