About iNform Health


Your body is the most amazing machine in the universe. Through it you experience the world, physically and emotionally, thanks to a series of delicately balanced processes and systems. It is exquisite engineering and when it works well you hardly notice it.


Your body has natural limits and will send signals to you when it is in distress – excess fat will be stored, fatigue will become your usual state, you will feel more stressed more often, and you will suffer from various aches, pains and a range of increasing disabilities. You can help your body restore itself physically and emotionally through simple changes to daily habits and routines, and some gentle encouragement from an informed partner who understands your body’s physiology and needs.


You will be exercising in a personal training setting in our studio under the supervised guidance of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist or Registered Exercise Professional. While at first sight you will encounter a traditional exercise setting, it won’t take you long to experience our clear point of difference: It is all about you and your needs!


Come and meet us and see for yourself just how different our approach is to regaining health and fitness. A visit will also give you a feel for the friendly, non-threatening environment where all clients work with their assigned exercise physiologist and trainer who guide them through their program at their own pace.

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