You will probably not lose weight if you starting going for walks.

Sad but true. And you probably already know this as it hasn’t worked in the past. Let me explain why.

Your body doesn’t want lose weight! Our primitive physiology loves hanging on to the fat that we store as who knows, a famine could be just around the corner and that fat will keep us alive in that event (for a while anyway).

You see walking is just not intense enough. Changing our body is all about stimulus and response, and the response from the body is relative to the intensity of the stimulus. So if you want to make significant changes to your body, you need to give your physiology and big whack and walking just doesn’t fit the bill. On top of that, the caloric demand of a walk is minimal- it is actually not much greater than the equivalent time sitting on the couch.

So what to do?

Get a sweat up. Get out of your comfort zone. Send your primitive physiology a strong demand for change and do it regularly. This means hard work, but that is what it takes if you hope to lose weight and your sole avenue is exercise. Successful weight loss requires a more holistic approach, follow the link to find out more.

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