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By iNformMaxMartin / Administrator on Mar 31, 2017

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  • Thank you, Max
    Very informative
    I am not a high sugar intake junkie – so good thing! 🙂
    Interested in the LCHF components and that does make sense – modified if we were racing of course
    Thanks for sharing the meal breakdown too – am partial to all – so should be pretty straightforward for me
    All the best and thanks again

    • INformMaxMartin

      Thanks Dave! feel free to flick me any related questions along the way if they come up. An easy rule of thumb for me has been to cut out all grains, and replace with more veges. So it’s not a NO carb, but a LOW carb (as veges have carbs, but with lower glycemic loads and index). I’m typically pretty dairy free as well so that helps to keep some of that sugar (lactose) down. Alcohol is the other big one with LCHF, as while it’s not a carb, it certainly affects insulin resistance, so it ends up acting a bit like higher amounts of carbs would.

      Good luck! looking forward to seeing a lean cycling machine at the start line!

  • Shane Bleasdale

    Max I love your passion!
    Thank you for the simplistic but informative report. I believev the improved strength programme is best suited to me. Firstly option one, I don’t have the time for the regularity and kms. Whilst fortunately losing kg’s is not a requirement of mine. Look out for my massive legs on the start line 😉Catch ya soon 🚴🏻

    • INformMaxMartin

      Thanks Shane! Glad it was of use, even if it’s to know that you are on track! Bring on those quads!!

  • Awesome blog Max, much appreciated.
    Rider #02

    • INformMaxMartin

      Cheers Anthony! my pleasure!

  • Ray

    Great information Max! As long as you don’t suggest cutting out coffee I am willing to give any diet modification a go! Thanks for the tips.
    See you on the start line.
    Cheers, Ray

    • INformMaxMartin

      haha! no! coffee is a staple! I don’t think you’ve got much to worry about Ray!

  • Paul G


    • INformMaxMartin

      cheers Paul!

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