We are not ‘fixers’!

I just wanted to make that point up front. Now, a little explanation as to what that means.

Firstly, what do I mean by a ‘fixer’? A fixer, by my definition is a health professional that provides a service in which, you, the client need to be somewhat submissive to and subjected to.For example, a podiatrist who may determine a need for orthotics based on their observations, a chiropractor who mechanically resets the neural system through specific adjustments or a physiotherapist who uses an appropriate modality to improve specific joint range of motion. I would classify the primary role of these professions as fixer, both in the treatment they provide, and in the expectations that most of their clientele have of them.

Now each of these professions have skill sets that are, where needed, absolutely crucial for your success.

This is why I recommend to almost every one of my clients that they work with one or more of these practitioners in conjunction with my exercise prescription.

If not fixers, what are we then?

The point of this blog is certainly not degrade the standing these practitioners have in the health community, nor is it elevate the value of the exercise professional in your mind. What I hope to achieve is set up a realistic expectation of what your involvement with a qualified and quality exercise professional should be like.

Rather than being a ‘fixer’, a good Exercise Professional is an ’empowerer’.

What we do, is provide instruction for you to ‘fix’ yourself. Every repetition of an exercise that you do is done by you, for you. This is tremendously empowering.

Rather than developing a reliance upon someone else to reduce your pain, wouldn’t it be better to have the knowledge and support to take control yourself? Intelligent exercise prescription can help you do that.

Now, to your involvement in this.

I have had clients, on numerous occasions that committed to my service financially, but not physically, cognitively and emotionally. Appointments have been frequently cancelled, homework done infrequently or done without focus (rushed through) and interest in attempts to educate the ‘whys’ behind the ‘whats’ has been fleeting.

Upon contract completion, such clients will explain a lack of return on their financial investment, specifically, ‘I spent all this cash and I am feeling no better’.

This mentality is created as the initial expectation was that they were paying a fixer to fix their body for them, as a mechanic would their car, or as they have experienced successfully with their chiro in the past for instance.

The fixer is YOU

A good exercise professional will create a journey of exercise progression for you, but it is you that must walk that journey.

If you can do so, you may feel gratitude towards your trail guide, but my hope is, as it is with all of my clients, that you feel a sense of pride and empowerment that you did this yourself.

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