We stand upon the foundations we built…..


Venice is my favorite city that I have traveled to thus far. Admittedly it isn’t great for trail running, but its virtues make up for that short-coming. It is a unique place, and its fragility is evident. Every corner you turn there is evidence of ongoing maintenance to the foundations of the buildings. If not […]

Has the barefoot wave crested?


The symbol on the tongue of my New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail shoe is this: <=>. Less equals more. This succinct message, I am sure infers that less structure, support and sole means more feel, enjoyment and performance. But for many, it probably lead to more calf soreness, shin pain and bone stress. This may […]

Do you do a pre-season?


This summer, become a better runner! Chances are that if you had a running-goal for this year, you have probably had a crack at it by now. City-to-Bay, Trailblazer, most of the SA Road-Runners club events and the various big-ticket state marathons have now been run and done for 2014. If you did have a […]

You’ve made the wrong New Year’s Resolution

Pregnant Woman Eating Box Of Chocolates Sitting On Sofa At Home

Ok, I’m not going to berate you. I think its pretty normal that by now, the end of January, you have probably not continued with your NYRs. After all, we know that 88% of people are in the same boat! But why does this keep happening year after year? There are some common mistakes that […]

Learn to Run Part 10: You don’t have to like your medicine….Intervals!


Unlike strength training, I actually quite like speed interval training. I love the hours trundling away on the trails at 10-15km/h but there is something uplifting and freeing about sprinting at maximum speed- perhaps it is a throw-back to early childhood where only two speed settings existed, maximum and stopped. I therefore don’t find any […]

Learn to Run Part 9: You don’t have to like your medicine….Strength Training


I really don’t enjoy strength training. That may seem strange seeing as my office is a gym and functional strength training is my bread and butter. But still, it ain’t my cuppa tea. I’m a pretty busy person, so when I am able to devote an hour or two to physical activity, I love nothing […]

Learn to Run Part 7: So what’s with all this barefoot hype?!


If you have even the slightest passing interest in running, you would have read something about barefoot running recently. It is very topical at present. Media exposure has been given largely to those who fall in one of two categories; those who advocate barefoot running and those that oppose it. I believe the biggest issue […]

Learn to Run Part 5: If I only, um, didn’t have a brain…..

w of oz

If the Tin-Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow had to engage in an ultra-marathon along the yellow-brick road, racing to reach the wiz, I’d have my dough on the Scarecrow every day of the week. The Tin-Man, lacking a heart, would lack the necessary circulation of oxygenated blood and would fall over after a minute […]

The Perfect Training Program

Earlier this year, I acquired a new personal trainer. I have utilised the services of numerous trainers in my health and fitness journey, and they have been very good. However, my current trainer has drawn me back to the joys of my childhood. Her programming model is raw and instinctive. It’s a refreshing change from […]

The Ugly Side of Running

Running is not for everyone! I was recently on a running track alongside a busy highway when I received a spray of abuse from a passenger in a car. It’s not  the first time it has happened – actually it’s surprisingly common. Obviously it didn’t hurt me, and I suppose it comes out of the […]