The Golfer’s worst companion: Low Back Pain

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Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in Australia, and we certainly see a large number of recreational golfers as clients at iNform. One of the greatest things about this sport is that it allows for a broad range of participants from the very young to the very senior, and from the very active […]

Homework Exercise: A Necessary Imposition

Contrary to popular belief, we do not handout homework exercises to you because we have a burning desire to nag you and impose ourselves upon your personal life. That forms only part of our motivation! Homework exercise for many of our clients is imperative if they are to achieve their goals. I will explain why […]

The Role of Exercise Professionals in Injury Rehabilitation

We are not ‘fixers’! I just wanted to make that point up front. Now, a little explanation as to what that means. Firstly, what do I mean by a ‘fixer’? A fixer, by my definition is a health professional that provides a service in which, you, the client need to be somewhat submissive to and […]

Fitness Myths iNformed

After discussing our last post on spring related aches and pains on radio last week (ABC 891 ‘Drive’ with Grant Cameron – wednesdays at 5.45pm) we’ve been told by a lot of people that they felt challenged to get out and get more active, which is fantastic! However some of the approaches and concepts that […]

Spring fitness solutions

With spring upon us we are already seeing a lot of our clients, and friends and family, starting to increase their physical activity. This is typically a result of the slighter longer and somewhat warmer days, and the impending approach of summer and its scantiness! Add to that ‘spring cleans’ and weeds in the garden, […]