The Art Of Sleeping Well

Have you ever woken from sleep feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus?!

It’s a strange phenomenon that exists around the very act that is supposed to revitalise us, when simply going to sleep is not enough to cure tiredness – and may in fact leave us feeling worse.

Climbing into bed at 11pm and rolling out at 6am is rarely successful in achieving the optimum balance of sleep quantity and quality. (more…)

Sick Building Syndrome

It is appropriate for business owners, employees and home-dwellers alike to consider the potential impact of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) as we move into Winter.

SBS arose out of the energy crisis in the early 70’s, whereby the cost of regulating outside air temperature via HVAC systems began to escalate, resulting in an increase to the degree by which buildings were sealed from the outside atmosphere.

By 1984, the World Health Organisation reported 30% of buildings worldwide were linked to symptoms of SBS. (more…)

Motivational Harness #4 – You Don’t Have To Stink!

Motivational Harness #4 – You Don’t Have To Stink!

At a recent iNform Corporate function, I had the privilege of presenting to the cream of Adelaide’s small and medium-sized business directors, and here’s what I noticed:

They all dressed REALLY nicely!

I know…insightful!

The reason I noted this, above anything else is, I was there to talk about the benefits of exercising before AND during work to enhance productivity. I was duly informed this is not practical for well-dressed, nice smelling people who wished to remain that way through the course of their workday.

So I want to throw a spin on the perception that meaningful exercise must ALWAYS make you stinky!


Motivational Harness #3 – Flow From Within

In my recent football article, here’s what I eluded to:

Is your workday structured around your physiology, or is your physiology dictated to by your workday?

On a very complex level, asleep or awake, our bodies operate in cycles. It is physiologically impossible to be firing on all cylinders for the entire day, and so the busy structure of our external world can deplete our reserve of internal endurance.

You can’t force productivity.

However you can nurture it. The coming installments will tactically address the requirements of your physiology to create an internal environment that thrives in external conditions.

It was recently presented to me that the greatest barrier to productive workdays were M&M’s! It took me a while to work out that this wasn’t a reference to tasty little treats, but rather the concept of Management and Meetings.

I once worked under a manager who, I’m sure, had a KPI to interrupt work as often as he could! He would constantly pop by for a chat, to see what I was up to, and to add new tasks to my hectic schedule. He called meetings for everything, and scheduled these – without fail – in the most inconvenient times for me. (more…)

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