Skinny And Rich In Only 18 Months…Without Exercise!

If you were thumbing through the Sunday paper over the weekend, you may have come across two separate full-page articles eight pages apart from each other.

The first carried the big bold headline ‘Exercise Won’t Make You Thin‘. The second had the headline ‘How I Went From Virtually Zero to $3.5 MILLION of Real Estate Wealth in Just 18 MONTHS!

OK seriously…how much more of this do we have to put up with?

Let me reiterate – full page articles – albeit prefaced with the tiny caption ‘Advertisement’, constructed to appear as normal news articles to lure the sleepy Sunday reader into a barrage of support for the sensational headline!

For all I would like to say about the lack of integrity in commercial advertising and journalism – I’ll keep it to this:

Clearly, for the right price, you can say whatever you want to whoever you want, shirking responsibility for the resultant trail of carnage from a skewed truth presented to make yourself a buck. (more…)

Fitness Fads: Toning Shoes


Right up there for me with the Ab King Pro and other elaborate fold-out clothes hangers is the phenomenon of toning shoes.

¬†You’ve seen them: they kind of look like canoes for your feet. And that’s pretty much how they act as well.

Canoes were built to move in one direction. If you’ve ever been in a canoe and tried to steer it or turn it around, you know what I mean! In any plane other than forward motion they are clumsy and awkward.


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