Motivational Harness #1 – Finding The Elusive Character

I used to enjoy cooking.

Before I became a parent, the journey of cooking a meal included any or all of the following:

  • a nice beverage
  • experimentation with flavours
  • frolicking in the herb garden
  • good company
  • my choice of music

After I became a parent, the process of making a meal now includes:

  • a selection of steamed vegetables
  • some form of boiled or grilled meat
  • a tired, hungry little person who communicates her lack of appreciation for my cooking by decorating the walls and floors with it
  • Justine Clarke’s album ‘I Like To Sing’, generally for the fifth time on any given day

The end goal is the same – to ensure that everyone is fed – but the path to getting there is very different! Suffice to say that my levels of ‘motivation’ for the latter are somewhat lower than they were for the former.

How does this relate to exercise?


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