Slow the ageing process with a V8 metabolic engine

Slow the ageing process with a V8 metabolic engine

March is a month of mayhem in Adelaide. With the festival coming and going and the V8’s long gone from our streets, I have sensed a great deal of fatigue in those who have tried to keep up with the frenetic pace.

It is like we need a tank of that high octane fuel to get us through to Easter!

However, with a few simple tweaks of our metabolic engine we may be able to develop a machine powerful enough to see us through these busy times with plenty of energy in reserve. (more…)

Build a bigger brain through exercise!

Today’s Western lifestyle is toxic for our brains.

The continual stress of rushing around, meeting deadlines, feeling guilty about not spending enough time with the family and poor sleep habits elevate levels of a hormone called cortisol in our bodies. While this hormone can actively destroy our memory faculties, some surprising research has shed light on a simple way to correct this decay. And it’s not what you might expect. (more…)

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