Exercise for the Risk Averse: choose to be active!

We have all heard about that uncle that didn’t smoke or drink, and went to bed early, and died of a heart attack while going for his morning run, right??!! Why would we even bother?!! Well, there’s some truth to that fear, as your risk of injury and other negative health events certainly increases somewhat  WHILE […]

Do your kids see you sweat??

Last week I saw a report on the ABC about the growing prevalence of overweight and obese (O&O) kids in Australia, and it sparked a lot of angry thoughts! As one my areas of passion is seeing healthy active kids! The stats, as you can imagine, are scary: Back in 2000, approximately 20% of teenagers […]

adults and sport making our kids fatter.

Among all the bad news on the radio as I drove to work this morning, I heard that the Heart Foundation has released data from a new study stating that now 25% of Australian kids are overweight or obese, and that they are tipped to be the first generation EVER to live less than their […]

where should the money go?? anti-smoking, alcohol, or into physical activity??

just saw the new Australian anti-smoking campaign on TV “Path2Quit”, check it out at www.path2quit.com.au Firstly, great campaign. simple and to the point. and needed, as we know that as a smoker you will lose, on average, 8 years of healthy life. At face value, it seems that investing heavily in the reduction of community […]

Free Lap-Band surgery for the Obese – where is the prevention??

An Australian government parliamentary committee is proposing giving the morbidly obese tax-payer funded lap-band surgery. Some of the facts are: Obesity cost us $50 billion in 08 (wow, don’t just skim over that number!). This surgery can have drastic and rapid effects in terms of reducing weight, disease, financial and personal costs associated with obesity, both […]

Australia wins Gold as World's fattest nation! – A critical time for health

By Max Martin. Director/Exercise Physiologist – iNform Health and Fitness Solutions I know I’m not alone in my concern for the health of Australians and I’m not the first (by any stretch of the imagination) to report on the seriousness of the issue. However, I believe that right now we are facing a ‘critical’ period […]