Pain: Understanding for empowerment


One of my previous blogs, ‘Pain? It’s all in your head’ certainly caused quite a stir. I attribute this mostly to the tabloid-style title I gave it, which may have paled the complexity of our experience of pain. So I thought a little clarification was in order to help broaden our understanding of the physiology of […]

Homework Exercise: A Necessary Imposition

Contrary to popular belief, we do not handout homework exercises to you because we have a burning desire to nag you and impose ourselves upon your personal life. That forms only part of our motivation! Homework exercise for many of our clients is imperative if they are to achieve their goals. I will explain why […]

Injuries are Symptoms

In my line of work, I often find myself repeating the same little spiel over the course of a week to a number of clients. This is simply because a lot of the concerns that my clients have regarding their health, fitness or their body are shared, and hopefully, the perspective or knowledge that I […]