Diabetes In A Can

The prevalence of ‘energy drinks‘ being sold nowadays is a massive concern to me. Even more concerning is the young demographic being targeted with such products. Bright colours, crazy names, giant sized cans and marketing links to extreme activities create corporate appeal to these products. They have infiltrated service stations, supermarkets, clubs, bars and offices, […]

Motivational Harness #2 – Internal World Vs. External World

Each waking day there is a battle between our internal physiology and our external environment. In the modern western format, the advantage often lies with the external. Many of us who walk into an office (of varying description) experience the pressure of a tight schedule to fulfill where the expectation of a work-day is grafted […]

Coffee- The Cigarettes of the 21st Century?

Everyday at work, between the hours of 10am and 11am, a strange migration of local wildlife occurs. As far as I am to know, this migration is isolated to the eastern end of Kensington Road in Norwood but this phenomenon may be more widespread. The migration I speak of involves middle  age white collar professionals. […]