The Art Of Sleeping Well

Have you ever woken from sleep feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus?!

It’s a strange phenomenon that exists around the very act that is supposed to revitalise us, when simply going to sleep is not enough to cure tiredness – and may in fact leave us feeling worse.

Climbing into bed at 11pm and rolling out at 6am is rarely successful in achieving the optimum balance of sleep quantity and quality. (more…)

Goodbye ‘Dry July’!

Time usually flies, unless it’s Dry July!

If you participated, well done! Your watering hole’s will look forward to welcoming you back!

If you didn’t, it may be because drinking is in some way beneficial to you, and the cost-benefit analysis just didn’t stack up.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, I often hear this:

“I know it’s bad for me and I should cut down!”

It’s the same story with compulsive overeaters. Yet we and many of our clients scratch our heads at the fact that, even with identifiable downsides, behaviours can be so difficult to change.

So I could use this space to reel of a plethora of reasons for why regular and/or excessive drinking is bad and why you should avoid it. But experience suggests this won’t really impact the behaviour.

Rather, I’m going to acknowledge that if it weren’t beneficial on some level, it would be dead to itself.


When Eating Out Is Your Only Option

Sometimes there’s no avoiding it. Whether for social, business, or simply necessity to get you through to your next meal, eating out can be a common, convenient, and congenial part of life!

It shouldn’t be at the expense of your health and fitness goals!

So here’s my top 10 pointers for when dining out is imminent, to encourage seamless incorporation into your pursuit of health and wellness (and remember, the importance of good protein contribution goes without saying…)


Skills Of Satiety

Eat to live, or live to eat?

The latter resonates very strongly with me. For as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around food. Nourishment. The social experience. Comfort. The sensory buzz. The abundance of quality and exciting ingredients in so many different locations…food has never been a boring commodity as far as I am concerned.

I unashamedly proclaim that I love food and I live to eat! (more…)

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