Needs Assessment


Have you ever wondered what signs your body has been sending you regarding your state of health?

Some of them are quite obvious. For example, you have probably noticed that you are shorter of breath much more quickly now than you used to be, or that your waistline has been expanding a little further than usual, forcing you to move up a clothes size or two.

These “signs” are easy to spot, especially when you stop and look.

However, some of your body’s messages are a little more subtle or cryptic, and that’s where the iNform Health and Fitness Needs Assessment comes to the fore.

By undergoing this unique and proven process, you will be able to read your body like a book.


A good crime scene investigator will approach a mystery by delving in deeper than other people and searching more widely for related clues and insights.

Likewise, your iNform Needs Assessment will sift through various systems within your body and external factors that affect your health to form an accurate picture of your state of health.

You will learn about your overall body composition and alignment, and a range of other health indicators to ultimately reveal how close your body is to the “ideal” or how far it has wandered off the track.

In short, you will hear your body loud and clear!

From this point, you get a fresh opportunity to take back control of your physical destiny. And you don’t have to manage that responsibility alone.


As you know, it is one thing to have information but another thing to put it into action.

And despite our personal health being the most vital and fundamental of all the things in our lives, it often becomes the one thing we neglect and sabotage the most, for a whole host of reasons.

Your iNform Exercise Physiologist will address these issues with you and map out a pathway to your better health – one that responds to the particular needs of your body while accommodating the various, crazy demands already on your time.

Your Exercise Physiologist is keenly aware of the obstacles you face when setting out or returning to the journey towards fitness, so they’ll make themselves available to watch your back, so to speak, and to encourage you to push on through the various forms of resistance you are bound to encounter as old habits are challenged and new routines developed.