Back Care (GROUP)


There’s no doubt about it – Your back is your foundation for health. Hundreds of nerves run through your spine, numerous bones connect to it, and your most important muscles are anchored to it.

However, our sedentary lifestyles weaken our core muscles and bend our back out of shape. This is a recipe for disaster.

The good news is, careful, strategic development of muscles and practice of new postures can turn back time and start returning our back to the strength and vitality it had when our lives began.

This is such an important program that we make it available during lunchtimes at our Norwood studio as well as offering it at your workplace. We are also available for conducting these crucial classes on-site at physiotherapy, chiropractic or podiatry rooms.

During the classes, you will use bodyweight exercises to strengthen core muscles and learn how to bend, twist and move in a new way – Actually, it is an old way. We generally begin life with perfect posture and movement but our lifestyles drum that out of us!

Please call or email us today to find out about our studio classes or to set up some at your workplace. This is a program that can help everyone – from those who have had an injury to those who want to prevent an injury!

Allied Health Practitioners: If you would like a back care class conducted in your clinic, please contact us.