Body Checks


Most of us do not think twice before getting our cars checked by a mechanic if we hear a murmur or rattle, or find it performing a little more sluggishly than usual. Heck, most of us even ensure our cars get regular maintenance to prevent problems.

But what about our most crucial piece of mechanics – our bodies?

Whether you are taking part in our one-on-one or group exercise programs, or doing your own thing to keep yourself healthy, come in and ask for our body assessments to help chart your progress and give you peace of mind that things are behaving as you expect.

iNform Body Checks are performed by our Exercise Physiologists and are designed to give you an accurate depiction of your current health, fitness, performance capacity and body composition.

Specific test are selected according to your needs but our most popular assessment is our Bio-Impedance Assessment for Body Composition.

This assessment enables us to measure your muscle mass (which is a critical factor for fat loss, ageing and blood sugar), fat mass (so we can track changes accurately), and cellular health, which are all affected by ageing, general health and disease.

At the end of your session, you will know your current health status and be able to accurately monitor change.

Contact us today – the car can wait for a change!