Weight Loss Seminar

When will the weight loss industry FESS up?

If the weight loss industry honestly applied the full body of science to it’s various schemes, we would be a much happier and healthier nation, and we’d be spending less on gimmicks.

The simple truth is we have much more control over our weight than the ‘industry’ lets on and we believe they should FESS up, says Dr Nathan Harten.

FESS refers to the iNform Health model of the four pillars for achieving and maintaining healthy weight: Food, Exercise, Sleep, Stress.

“Theses four pillars are all interlinked through our hormones,” explains Dr Harten. “This is why some people can eat right or do gruelling exercise but still not lose weight while others can make great inroads and then slap their weight back on at the speed of light.

“I will break the science down into bite-sized pieces so you can learn how to use the FESS tools to control your own hormones and your weight.

“There are many vicious and self-defeating cycles that we get stuck in that undermine our best intentions and efforts on our journey towards a healthy weight,” he says.

“You will be amazed at how much power you actually have over your weight and be surprised by how effective sleep can be in the battle of the bulge.”

“For example, new studies have revealed how something as simple as one night of broken sleep leads to weight gain by increasing our desire for food, diminishing our ability to process it correctly, and affecting our body’s signals that we are full, hence sending us back for more food.”

You will leave the night with a clear understanding of these factors and be equipped with strategies and tactics to not only set a sound course towards a healthier weight but to stay on that course!

Seminar will be held at North Adelaide Community Centre –

176 Tynte St, North Adelaide, SA 5006

Funds raised will support “Go the Distance”

Weight Loss Seminar

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