Learn to Run

Presenting the latest research on effective pain  free and injury preventing running techniques.

The human body is a machine built to run- refined over four-million years in the battlefield of survival.


Our society however, has evolved at a much faster pace, creating an environment where running, our most primal and majestic talent, is left redundant and our bodies ill-equipped to run well.


In the seminar, Learn To Run, Scott Wood, Senior Exercise Physiologist, teacher of human function and training, and passionate runner, will show you how we are born knowing how to run and then lose the skill as we spend increasing amounts of time sitting.


“It is no surprise then modern humans run with such vastly differing techniques, and running injuries are almost par for the course,” says Scott.


“This seminar is part of my quest to find the perfect human running technique, so that each of us can build a body capable of running well.”

In Learn To Run, Scott will weave insights from the latest biomechanical research that will help unlock the hidden runner inside us all.

He firmly believes that EVERYONE has the ability to run well; it is all a matter of taking one step at a time as you reprogram yourself from the ground up!

Funds raised will support The Blind Sporting Council


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Learn to Run


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